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    Advertisement as a service

    Although the average citizen is usually annoyed by all the advertisements printed in newspapers and magazines and the commercials broadcast on TV, the impact of the whole advertising industry on a single person is immense and plays a very important role in our lives Advertising absorbs vast sums of money but it is useful to the community
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    Advertising (1)

    It is obvious that its splash of development the advertisement have got mostly owing to the greatest technological breakthrough of the passing century, like the invention of the television, radio, computer etc Today, advertising goes far beyond television and hoardings, newspapers and magazines For example, the manager of the clothing store is advertising by putting models wearing the store’s clothes, a bicycle manufacturer will proceed a new price-list through post to his retailers, but a world wide company will use the Internet to promote its product globally
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    Advertising as a Medium of Gender-Biased Communication

    Gender issues in communication have attracted attention of many researchers There has been considerable interest in the possible contributions of the mass media to the origins and maintenance of gender roles (Courtney & Whipple, 1974; Culley & Bennett, 1976; Dominick & Rausch, 1972; Furnham, Abramsky & Gunter, 1997; Furnham & Skae, 1996; Kolbe & Langefeld, 1993; O'Donnell & O'Donnell, 1978) Studies using educational books (Lobban, 1975), picture books (Weitzman, Eiffer, Hokada, & Ross, 1972), and comic strips (Potkay & Potkay, 1984) have shown that men and women are portrayed in stereotypic f
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    Advertising in our Life

    It is impossible to imagine our television, newspapers, radio, Internet and even streets without advertisements Nowadays advertising plays an important role in modern life and in the life of every person We can’t imagine our life without advertising because every day we hear or see advertising, we try to find information we need in hundreds of advertisements Even when we go for a walk or just shopping we see a lot of different advertisements in the streets I think that “Advertising” is a very interesting topic, because in the XXI century every minute of our life is connected with advertising
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    Affixation in modern english

    Theme actually Word – building is one of the main ways of enriching vocabulary Affixation is one of the most productive ways of word building throughout the history of English The main function of affixation in Modern English is to form one part of speech from another; the secondary function is to change the lexical meaning of the same part of speech As we are future teacher must know the rules of word – formation It will help us to teach our students Besides if we know affixes we can easily form new words while we are writing or speaking,
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    Agatha Christie

    Agatha Christie was sure the world’s best selling crime writer Moreover, she was an immensely prolific writer 79 shot stories, 4 non-fiction ones and 19 plays were written by that strange woman They were translated into 136 languages Over 3 billion books by Agatha Christie were sold worldwide She is popular for ingenuity of plots, which are classical murder mysteries: marooned places and a well-mannered murderer Her way to present the stories was quite definite from that of her colleagues At first her stories appealed to the readers’ detective inside, so you can’t find much blood and violence
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    Agriculture in the USA

    Almost 21mln people or about 17 % of all population works in the agriculture of USA Nearly 3 millions independent farms deliver feed products to the American consumers The area of an average farm in the USA makes about 400 acres In 1984 there were more than 2 3 million farms in the country However, the very large farms -those with 1000 acres and more account for more than 40% of farm acreage The largest manufacturers of grains making up 2,3% of total of farms, produce about 50 % of wheat in the country Similarly, the largest 2 % of the manufacturers of chickens - broilers own 70 % of market s
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    Agricuture in Ukraine

    Ukraine is blessed with rich farming and forestry resources According to the Statistical Year Book of Ukraine (1996), about 71 percent of the country's surface (41 million hectares) was used for agricultural activities
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    AIDS (1)

    AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and is thought to be caused primarily by a virus that invades white blood cells (lymphocytes) and certain other body cells including the brain
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    Aids + СПИД

    We have based our new program on engrafting the correct form of the sexual relations to the teenagers We remind them always think about their partner, think about themselves, ad think about their children, who can be infected with the nonchalance of their parents
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    Aids in Africa

    AIDS is becoming one of the most important problems of the modern world According to “AIDS Epidemic Update 2000” and the World Health Organization (WHO), the current number of people living with HIV or AIDS is 36 1 million, more than 50% higher than predicted in 1991 And this number is increasing every day, hour and minute The greatest number of inhabitants sick with AIDS or HIV live in Africa Over17 million Africans have already died of AIDS-three times the number of AIDS deaths in the rest of the world, orphaning 10 million or more African children “The AIDS situation in Africa is catastrop
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    Air contamination caused by human activity

    Insertion into atmosphere or the creation of the chemical agents and substances caused by natural, and anthropogenous factors forms an air contamination The natural sources of contamination of an atmosphere are volcanos, wood fires, dusty storms, a weathering etc These factors do not threaten with negative consequences to natural ecosystems, except some catastrophic natural phenomena For example, the eruption of a volcano Cracatao in 1883, when into atmosphere 18 km cubes of ashes powder were thrown out ; eruption of a volcano Catmay (Alaska) in the 1912 that had thrown out 20 km cubes of fri
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    Air pollution (1)

    Air, is the most essential element for all living organisms and yet, most humans play a big role on polluting this essential resource Air pollution may not be as dangerous in its direct outcome as nuclear or water pollution can be, but in the long term it will have an tremendous effect on the environment and health of its organisms living in Asthma, cancer, acid rain, and the disability to photosynthesize are only a few causes of air pollution The atmospheric pollutants with the greatest effect onto the environment are the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, nitroge
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    Air Pollution in Russia

    The quality of atmospheric air is the most important factor influencing the health, the sanitary and epidemiological situation Two thirds of population of our Federation live in the territories where the pollution level of atmospheric air does not correspond to the hygienic norms
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    Airplanes and security

    Nowadays, in most countries long journeys involve some form of motorized transport People today tend to travel longer distances, more often and at much higher speeds As a result the world has shrunk over the last century and we now live in a global economy