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The theme of course work is “Development of the technological process of dry smoked sausage.” In the course work technology of dry sausage, patent and analytical reviews are presented. The necessary raw materials for production of this type of sausage, as well as the production line are described. The formula and calculated material balance are shown. The Corse work carried out at 40 pages, includes 10table, 2 charts and 5 figures.



Normative references

Definitions, abbreviations

1.Analitical part

2.Tehnological part

2.1 Characteristics of sausages

2.2 Characteristics of raw and auxiliary materials

2.3 Methods of production of sausage

3. Technology of production of dry sausage enzymatic

3.1 Technological chart of dry fermented sausage.

3.2 Technological line for crude smoked sausage production

3.3 Technology introductions of protein of software 500Е

3.4 Grocery calculation dry enzymatic sausages

4 Requirements for the finished product.

4.1 Requirements for quality sausage

4.2 Faults and defects of sausages

5 Packaging, labeling, storage and transportation of meat products

6 Techno chemical control

7. Equipment

8 Safety

Conclusion.. Appendix A

Normative references

In coursework reference on follow documents are used:

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GOST 9957-73 Sausage and pork products, lamb and beef. Methods for determination of sodium chloride

GOST 9792-73 Sausage and pork products, mutton, beef and other kinds of slaughtered animals and birds. Acceptance rules and sampling methods

GOST 16290-86 sausages cooked and smoked. Specifications

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In this work reductions were used

Etc – et cetera

Fig - figure

Min - minute

Mm - millimeter

m / sec – meter in second

cm - centimeter

C – Degrees Celsius

Kg - kilogram

% - percent

G – gram


In this cores work follow terms are given:

Chilled meat is subjected to special thermal treatment in the cooling chamber, is a good raw material for production of sausage.

Sausage product from the sausage meat in the shell, cooked until ready to use.

Frozen meat - meat is subjected to freezing and thawing requires, is ice cream.

Smoked sausages - are the products in the shells, made of minced meat, bacon, salt, spices, and subjected to the draft, smoked and dried.

Cognac - the alcoholic beverage with a special flavor and taste, made from ethyl alcohol, long-aged in oak barrels, and sugar syrup.

Draught sausage - sausage sticks to extract heat treatment in limbo for a fixed time for the seal meat maturation and drying of the shell.

Drying of sausages - removal of moisture from the sausage at certain parameters of air to give them strength during storage.

Minced meat - meat, shredded on top with a hole diameter of the lattices 2-5mm.

Meat is multicomponent type of raw material is represented combination of muscle, fat, connective and bone tissue (or without its).

Clearing of carcasses. Sanitary- veterinary brand, blood coagulum, blood stains and diaphragm are cut from carcasses and half-carcasses. Pollutions are removed by humidifying cloth. Hair is burned by blowlamp.

Butchering. Carcasses and half-carcasses are divided on anatomic parts: shoulder, hock, thorax, coupling part and neck. Butchering is carried out on pendant ways, hangers or tables. Fat is removed at pork.

Chiselling is separation meat from bones.

Trimming. At trimming of beef and mutton by knife tendons, cartilage, large blood vessels, nerve plexuses, connective-fiber mat, subcutaneous fat and large accumulations of intramuscular fat are removed. At pork intramuscular fat is not removed.

Cutting. Meat is cut on pieces by mass 50-70g and at packing into large tares is cut till 200 g. For cutting meat 2 consistently mounted disk meat cutters are used: first meat cutter cuts meat on strips, second - strip on pieces.


Expansion of assortment on the basis of rational use of raw materials - is today the main task of industrial activity of any sausage shop.

Now certain lifting meat conversion the industries including sausage manufacture, that develop in several directions is observed:

1. Use of new kinds of raw materials and food additives;

2. Expansion of assortment of production;

3. Development of the new equipment and technologies [1].

Meat and meat products are one of the major components of a food of the person, it is a source of proteins and the vitamins necessary for normal development of an organism. At a long absence in a diet of meat and meat products, other sources of animal protein albuminous insufficiency which negatively influences health can develop: function кроветворения is broken, the exchange of fats and vitamins, decreases resistibility to infectious and простудным to diseases. Meat is one of the basic sources of animal fats in a food of the person. Sausage products and smoked products occupy the big relative density in a population food, and their manufacture is one of the major in the meat industry.

Due to environmental degradation, increasing stress on human rights and other unfavorable factors, the importance now is the problem of improving the quality, safety and medical-preventive properties of meat products.

One of the main choice of food additives and ingredients that are included in the formulations of meat products is the use of substances of natural origin, affecting not only the functional and technological properties of raw materials, but high biological and physiological activity in humans. The introduction of dietary fiber in foods reduces the risk of diseases such as diverticulosis, colon cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, thrombosis, and the maintenance of normal intestinal micro flora can be achieved through the use of substances that stimulate the development of bifid bacteria in the human gut. In recent years, have been widely used natural food natural food colors.

In our country the set of names of sausage products of following kinds is developed: stuffed, boiled sausages, sausages, sausages, meat corn, ливерные, blood sausages, pastes, jellies, semi-smoked, boiled-smoked, crude smoked and crude dried sausages. These are products on the basis of mincemeat with salt, spices and additives, in a cover or without it and subjected to thermal processing to readiness for the use. Distinctions between them are caused by a kind and properties of raw materials, a structure compounding, character and features of the technological processing, specific external properties and product structure. Thus in most cases, major importance properties of raw materials have.

Crude smoked sausages are products in the covers, prepared of mincemeat, the salted pork fat, salt, spices and subjected a deposit, to smoking and drying. These sausages the most proof at storage Preparation for the use in food is carried out at the expense of a long fermentation of meat at all stages of manufacture of sausages. These sausages differ a dense consistence, pleasant aroma and sharp saltish taste. Thanks to considerable dehydration they can be stored long time. By manufacture crude smoked sausages great attention give to quality of raw materials, careful trimming meat as sausages do not subject to thermal processing. The attention to age of an animal, carefulness of cooling, a parity of beef and pork, especially pork fat as its excessive quantity makes adverse impact on connecting ability of forcemeat is paid.

Sausage products should be, certainly good-quality. And unsuitable for the use in food products – with obvious signs not fresh forcemeat or rancid of fat, a product in which harmful microorganisms or larvae of insects, and also extraneous, hazardous to health inclusions (slices of glass, metal etc. are found out) are substandard and containing nitrites in the quantity exceeding established norms. In the presence of some defects it is not authorised to let out in a trading network and suitable in food sausage products. The defects reducing food value concern their number (extraneous smack and a smell) and storages influencing duration (the big emptiness in the forcemeat, the burst cover, strongly deformed and broken long loafs)

I will stop on a method of introduction of protein «PP500Е» in сырокопченые sausages. Using correct technology it is possible to improve profitability of manufacture, raising exits at simultaneous decrease in expenses, and also to achieve favorable influence on a structure of a ready product, improving linkage between fat and meat particles at protein application «Purin500Е».

1 Analytical part

The modern word "sausage" (sausage) comes from the Latin word "salsus", which means salty. Probably, in ancient times, this term has a broader meaning to mean not only hot dogs and sausages in our submission, but all the salty, or just canned meat. Then it was not possible to keep the meat cold, and cooking sausages (cooked and smoked), it was a good way to save it.

Centuries went by, and people are more and more perfected the process of making sausage. So, depending on the geographic location in different parts of the world there are various recipes of sausage, which is best, suited for a particular climate. For the cool regions of northern Europe, where the raw meat can be stored for a long time without special cooling, has been more suitable raw sausage. In order to keep the meat in the warmer months, smoking was used. Probably, and there were summer sausage.

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