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The house of my dream

The house of my dream

The house of my dream. East or West, home is best. This saying is true but it would be better if the house was of our dream. I always imagine that the house of my dream is an enormous palace as beautiful as in Disney cartoons. It is situated in a peaceful place so that when you are on the top of one of the towers of my palace you can see a picturesque view. My palace is painted white and it is made of brick. There is a wonderful orchard with fruit trees, lawns and flower-beds where there are a lot of flowers such as gerberas, forget-me-nots, tulips, lilies, roses and phloxes. The palace is surrounded with a hedge. At the entrance of my palace there is a front porch with a long staircase so that you could feel a VIP-person when you go upstairs. My palace has sixty rooms that’s why I can live there with all my family and invite all my friends, groupmates and former classmates. Every room has its own design.

Each of them is unusual and different from the other rooms. Almost all the rooms are lighted well enough except some pantries and utility-rooms. Of course, the rooms of my palace aren’t crammed up with furniture because there is enough room for it. My palace is sixteen-storeyed so it has a lift. My house has all modern conveniences. It is stuffed with all electronic equipment. All is managed by electronics. It goes without saying that there is an interior central heating, running water and gas. By the way, my palace has a swimming-pool, a Jacuzzi, billiards, a training hall, a beauty shop, a cinema and an amusement park. I would like to tell you about one of my favourite rooms of the palace. It is my own big library. Can you imagine there are thousands of books here. When you come into the room you are deep in the atmosphere of peace and pacification. This room consists of two floors. There is a ladder to reach the first floor with books. In the middle of the room there is upholstered furniture: a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee-table. There is always a bowl with fruit, nuts and chocolate on the coffee-table. The floor is parquet and the walls are painted light-pastel. No doubt there are standard-lamps, table lamps, wall-brackets to read in a comfortable way. Threr is a Persian carpet on the floor and heavy curtains on the windows. It is hard to describe the whole palace. It’s a magnificent place. How I wish tha my dream would come true. I agree with Bella Davis’ words: “Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream of it, you can make it so.”

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