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The people must fight for their laws as for their walls

The people must fight for their laws as for their walls

The Constitution of ane sovereign state is a guarantee of fundamental equal human rights for its citizens. Unfortunately, very often the rights of people are violated, the dignity and worth of the human person are humiliated and this shows only disadvantages of the law system of the country. In the Constitution of any country the observance of human rights and fundamentak freedoms is mentioned, so if someone’s rights are violated he has the rght to fight for his rights.

It seems to me that everything depends on us, I mean on the citizens of any state. We make our laws to live according to them, but usually people who have power are not interested in life of ordinary people and inspite of that fact, that they represent the will of thw hole nation (according to the Constitution) they not only create such conditions in which the rights of citizens are neglected, they pay no attention to improvement of the general welfare of people.

One person cannot change the situation in the country, a group of people can. But it depends on the attitude of people to their country. It seems to me that only die-hard patriots think and care about the future of their country, of its citizens. They are mostly interested in development of the whole country,not only of their own business.

We should promote the growth of patriotism in the minds of our chidren in order to grow the generation that will be interested in the wealth of its country and will be proud to live in it and give birth to their children in this country.

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