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Come Rain or Shine

Come Rain or Shine

There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. December, January and February are winter months. Days are short and nights are long The weather is cold, rivers and lakes are usually frozen. The ground is covered with snow, so a lot of people go skating and skiing. Also it is pleasant to walk when it is not very cold and it snows.

March, April and May are spring months. The weather is getting warmer and warmer, everything changes and reborn. The trees begin to blossom. Sometimes it drizzles, but there are no rough winds; the sun shines brightly. In spring all birds come back from the South and they sing sweetly on the branches of the trees.

The summer months are June, July and August. Summer is the hottest season of the year and days are longer than in winter. Everybody enjoys the cloudless sky and bright sun. Gardens and parks are full of colorful flowers; there are a lot of berries in summer, so some people like to go to a forest to pick them up. Also in summer many people leave their cities and spend much time in the country or at the seaside.

After summer autumn comes. The autumn months are September, October and November. The warm days of early autumn arc called the "Indian Summer" and it is really beautiful with its yellow, red and brown trees and golden leaves falling down. Autumn is the season of fruit and vegetables, lots of people pick mushrooms up in the forest and dry them for winter. But days become shorter and nights longer and darker. The weather is not as good as in spring and in summer. The sky is always dull and overcast and it often rains, so there are pools on roads and cars splash the water on the passers-by. People come back from the countryside and do not walk outside enough.

The weather is not the same in different countries. For example, in Britain the weather is often rainy, summer there is quite warm, but windy. In Brazil the climate is warm and citizens wear shorts and T-shirts there almost whole year. In Russia the weather is very cold in winter in winter and very warm in summer, people usually wear too much clothes in winter – warm sweaters, jeans, tights, winter boots and fur-coats, mittens, scarves, hats and other warm things.

I don’t like to wear a lot of warm clothes, that is why my favorite season is spring. I love it because the nature wakes up – trees are in blossom, the green grass grows up, the sun shines, birds sing…beautiful! It is usually warm, so people go outside more often and enjoy spring blue sky.

One famous man said: "The nature doesn't have bad weather”, so in my opinion we should like all seasons, because every season is beautiful in its own way

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