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Press in Russia

Press in Russia

Newspapers and magazines play a great and very important role in the life of a modern man. Reading a newspaper you can get information about the events that have taken or are going to have place in this country and abroad. You can also read articles about historical events and public figures of the past. The pages of newspapers carry articles on our economy, industry, agriculture and social life. Practicaly all newspapers also give radio and TV programmes, weather forecasts.

Today Russia can be proud of the variety of newspapers circulating throughout the country. One can find newspapers of all kinds: national and local, official and private, quality and popular, newspapers issued for children, teenagers, for all kind of fans: sport-fans, car-fans, music fans, etc. The freedom of press has become actual and real today. Most of the newspapers can boast their independence, their individual styles, their peculiarities. There is no need to read all of the articles. People can look through the newspapers and read the columns they are interested in.

Besides the newspapers, there is a lot of magazines in our country. Some of them are very popular with the youth, for example "Younost", "Rovesnik", "TV-Park" and others.

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