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Painting (работа 2)


There are a lot of kinds of art. The example of classical art are the masterpieces of painting and sculpture which are admired by people at picture galleries and museums.

Recently another kind of art has appeared. It is cold graffiti and it is favored by the young people mostly but some grownups like it too.

At first graffiti was considered to be an example of anti-social behavior, the works of vandal. The first graffiti appeared on the walls of poor neighbor hoods and subway trains. Very often the graffiti slogans were unsightly and aggressive.

Many people looks upon graffiti as the work of vandals that should be punishable by fines. Since those days graffiti has changed a lot. Nowadays it has a status of street art and you can get graffiti in unexpected places: for example on toys, on clothes.

One of the graffiti lovers has his own web-site devote only to the world of graffiti. Today many companies realize the appeal of graffiti at advertising because it has energy and it became a symbol of survival.

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