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Youth problems (работа 2)

Youth problems

All people have problems. Some of them have many problems, the others have one or two problems only.

Young people have as many problems as the grown-ups. It is possible to solve some problems but sometimes we can not solve this or that problem. The first problem is to choose a good friend. I know the proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed." I agree with it, that's why I try to make friends with gay and true persons.

I want to have a friend who understands me. It will be simple and interesting to speak to him or her.

I think that young people have problems with their parents. What are they? Sometimes we have different tastes. I like the proverb "There is no accounting for tastes." For example, I go to the shops with my mother. She likes this dress but I like that one. My mother wants me to buy this dress. But I am sure, that dress is much to my taste.

My parents want me to be a teacher as they are skilled teachers but I have a taste for music, and my dream is to be a composer.

Where can we go? What can we do if we have free time? My friend Nastya lives in the village. Her village is far from Moscow. It takes her three hours to go to Moscow. She says that there is nowhere to go and there is nothing to do in her village. There are no clubs, museums, cinemas, parks there. If she wants to go to Moscow it'll take her a lot of money. She can't afford it.

It is a problem to get a good education.

It is necessary to pay for a good education. I think it is difficult to learn English, for example, without additional classes.

I can't enter the Institute without good knowledge. To get it it is necessary to pay for it and have heavy expenses.

Many good teachers leave schools because they haven't got enough money, persons without special experience can't teach the pupils well.

I am sure that all teenagers want to have a lot of money to dress well, to go to the theatres, to visit foreign countries, to eat what they want, to buy books... How can they solve all these problems?

They have to earn money. I think it is possible to do it. Some boys wash cars, the others sell newspapers, some of my friends help old persons. Many of my friends have load of care.

We have some problems but we are sure that we solve them in a proper way.

I think that the young people in other countries have many problems too. I have a pen-friend in Italy. He usually writes that his parents make him to do a lot of house-work. It is strange for us, but my friend Jack from London has his biggest problem - his freckles.

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