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Youth problems (работа 1)

Youth problems

Today it is fashionable to speak about teenage problems. A few years ago alcohol, fights, killings and other kinds of violence were more problems for adults than for young people.

But now, as official reporta admit, violence, AIDS, drugs and alcohol are more and more associated with youngerst. For many children from poor families violence, drinking problems and all that is associated with poverty becomes more real than reality.

The Government surveys show that every fifth teenager who was arrested for criminal actions, was younger that 14 and couldn't be sent to prison. Almost half of teenagers have an experience with drugs, alcohol and sex under age of 16. A lot of teenagers who have drug or alcohol addiction almost never believe that they are dependent. These things are often combined with family and school problems. What has gone wrong? Some specialists explane that the changes of our society, the system of our life force young people to choose their own lifestyle. On the one hand, our society agrees that 15-17-yearold people are old enough to be responsible for what they do and give them quite a lot of freedom and rights. On the other hand, most adults think that teenagers are too young to be taken seriously. This misunderstaning produced many problems. Actually, a lot of teenagers say that their parents let them do anything they want and are quite indifferent to their problems. Many teenagers get upset or depressed when they can't dissolve their problems. As a result, it makes them believe that there is only one way out - to stop living and commit suicide. No doubt, the teens' problems will increase. And young people should fell that they are cared for.


School, lessons, games, clubs, homework. A bell rings. But one day young boys and girls will be at school for the last time. And then they are confronted with difficulties. They must make a decision: to enter a university or try to find a job.

In Britain life used to be fun for teenagers. They have money to spend, and free time to spend it in. But for many young people life is harder now. Jobs are difficult to find. There is not so much money around. Things are more expensive, and it’s hard to find a place to live. Teachers say that students work harder than they used to. They are less interested in politics and more interested in passing exams. They know that good exam results may get them better jobs.

Three-quarters of young people do more or less what their parents did. They do their best at school, find some kind of work in the end, and get marry in their early twenties. They get on well with their parents, and enjoy family life. They eat fish and chips, watch football on TV, go to the pub. Most young people worry more about money than their parents did twenty years ago. They try to spend less and to save more.

For some, the answer to unemployment is to leave home and look for work in one of Britain’s cities. Every day hundreds of young people arrive in London from other parts of Britain, looking for jobs. Some find work and stay. Others don’t find it and go home again, or join the army of unemployed in London.

There are many stadiums & public sports facilities in Russia. Numerous national & international matches & competitions are regularly held in Russia. They attract a large number of fans. Most of important games are televised. Thousands of fans go to the stadiums to support their favorite team & thousands more prefer to watch games on TV. But watching sports events & going in for sports are two different things.

I think that in Russia we have the same problems and some others. In Russia it is also hard to find well-paid work, and people go to big cities to find a job or to get good education. Many young people want to enter university because they don’t want to go to the army in this time. Now people want to be well-educated, because now the majority of firms and companies employ only higher qualified people, but universities can’t educate all of them free, so those who don’t have enough money can’t get enough knowledge.

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