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Peter the Great

Peter the Great

Peter 1, or Peter the Great was one of the most outstanding rulers and reformers in Russian lustory. He was Tsar of Russia and became Emperor in 1721. First he ruled together with his brother, Ivan, and his sister, Sofya.

In 1696 he became a sole ruler. He was a healthy, lively and clever child. He loved miEtary games and enjoyed carpentry, blacksmithing and printing. At the age of 17 he was married. Peter I is famous for drawing Russia further to the Cast.

He also transferred the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Peter travelled much in Western Europe amd tried to carry western customs and habits to Russia. He introduced western technology.

He completely changed the Russian government and military system: he increased the power of the monarch and reduced the power of the boyars and the church. In foreign policy. Peter I waged a war with Turkey ( 1695-1696) and the Great Nothern War with Sweden ( 1700-1721), and a war with Persia (1722-1723). In these wars, he wanted to get access to the Baltic, Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

He managed to get the shores of the Baltic Sea and and the Caspian Sea. Peter I played a great part in Russian history. After his death, Russia was much more secure and progressive than it had been before his reign.

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