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My Appearance

My Appearance.

Modern youth does not pay much attention to its own inner world, its character, and behavior. Unfortunately nowadays it becomes better to be good-looking, fashionable and rich at last, than to be kind, honest, generous etc.

I don’t like to discuss myself: either my character or my appearance. I am sure that nobody’s perfect and I am not perfect as well. As many young people I, of course, pay much attention to people’s appearance, realizing in the same time that it is wrong. But I can do nothing with myself.

And now I will try to describe you my appearance, it will be difficult for me a little bit. Because I can’t say exactly: I am pretty or not? Only other people can say this. But however I’ll try to do it.

First of all I want to tell you about my height and build. I am medium height – 162 cm. But I would really like to be taller. And my mother says that it is not very good to be tall because it is more difficult to find a boy-friend for tall girls. Maybe it is really so. Secondly I’ve got medium build. I’m not slim but I always dreamt about this. My younger brother says that I am overweight. Of course I feel insulted a little bit but in summer it is really so. When I’m in the village I just can’t refuse delicious dishes my granny prepared.

I have a round face, straight nose, big brown eyes and small lips. My hair is short because last week I was in the hairdressing saloon where I’ve got a new hair-do. Generally I like it. My nature color of hair is light brown. But a few days ago I dyed my hair and now it is dark-brown with a cherry shade. My grandfather does not like either my hair-do or the color of my hair but I don’t care. My hair is straight and thick, but when I was a little girl I had curly hair. I like to be different and occasionally to change something in my appearance.

I am often told that I look like my granny. But it seems to me that I look like my mum a bit.

Generally I can’t say that I am beautiful but I also don’t consider that I am ugly. Maybe I am pretty for somebody and plain, ordinary for others. Everyone thinks in his own way.

Perhaps that’s all I can tell you about myself. It was difficult and uninteresting for me. But now you have some notion about me.

Natalia Rubel

Group 11-B


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