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English Themes - Theatre

I describe my last visit to the theatre

My last visit to the theatre was visiting the Bolshoi Theatre. It was wonderfully.

I listened …’s opera “Stone Guest”. I’d like to tell you something about it.

My seat (place) was in the stalls (партер). I took the opera-glasses for better visibility. It was opera in two acts and lasted about 2 hours. The conductor was national actor of (РСФР) Eriler. The actor who played the part of Don Juan was А. Кузнецов, the part of Leporello А. Эйзен, and actress who played the part of Laura was Т. Синявская. Among the outstanding Russian opera classics, probably no other production called forth such arguments and divergence of views as Dargomyzhsky’s “Stone Guest”.

It was not accidental that … was attracted by this “small tragedy” of Pushkin. He often turned to Pushkin’s poetry in his creative work. About twenty romances were based on it.

But in his early opera, D… didn’t leave Pushkinscy’s text untouched. He introduced a number of changes dictated by his musical-dramatically conception. To solve the innovative task that he set for himself in “Stone Guest”, he dared to undertake only on the peak of his creative career. “Stone Guest” was one of the Pushkin’s remarkable works of poetic games. Belinski called this tragedy “the richest, magnificent diamond” in the poet’s crown.

The complex psychological content was embodied by Pushkin in a comparatively compact and ideally finished form. Every detail is weighty, every word and every intonation is fuel of meaning. To express all this in music is a difficult, but thankful task. I want to advice you to listen the opera “Stone Guest”.

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