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Does the crime pay or not ?

David Guchua

Form 11 "A"

January 17, 1999

Does the crime pay or not?

In this essay, I would like to discuss the problems of crime and the criminal deeds. This question is important today as never before. Furthermore, this is the most vital problem and therefore it is worth discussing.

In this country the crime usually pays. What crime is ever done it pays greatly, because there is not enough power of the government and the police to stop the development of criminal deeds. That is why you are "allowed" to do everything you like and more besides. Vladislav Listiev, Dmitry Holodov, Galina Starovoitova and many other famous politicians and businessmen were insolently assassinated and the customers of these criminal affairs are somewhere now enjoying their freedom and sure in the idea that the crime pays.

I believe that for honest, religious and law respecting people, it is out of the question that crime does not pay, because they all know that if you commit a criminal deed you will be punished by the God, or by your own conscience. Nevertheless, in our society some people have forgotten about justice and law. They hardly understand their role in the life, and think that all the life is based around them and the others can be ignored or terminated. Such ideas are like parasites distributing among others and infecting them.

Crime pays if it is well thought and prepared. For example lets take the robbery of the bank. Some people think that the robbery of the bank is connected with guns, a group of well-prepared terrorists, plans. I can only say that these people watch TV and do nothing else, because what you need for today's robbery of the bank is a computer, a modem, and some easy skills. Moreover, you may be confident that no one will ever catch you if you steal little sums of money.

Finally, I suppose I have concluded that there are two main points of view on this question. Crime does not pay or it pays. I tend to think that crime does not pay, because if I commit a crime (I wish I never did) I will suffer for all my life, go to police, and tell everything.

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