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The Olympic Games (работа 1)

The Olympic Games

The Olympic games have a very long history. They began in 777 bc. in Greece and took place every 4 years for nearly 12 century at Olympia. All the cities in Greece sent their best athletes to Olympia to compete in the Games. For the period of the games all the wars stopped. So the O.G. became the symbol of peace and friend-ship.

In 394 A. D. The Games were abolished. The idea to revive the Games came from a Frenchman Baron Pierre de Caulertin who painted out of the signifier of sports its education value. He said:” The important thing in the O.G. is not winning, but take part"

In 1896 the 1st modern O.G. took place. The competition were held in Greece symbolize the continuation old tradition.

The some year in International Olympic Committee was set up. Each country has its Nation Olympic Committee. Summer and winter Games held separate.

Thousthans of athletes, journalists and guests come to the games .Russia joined the O.G. movement in the 1952. Since then it has won lot of Gold, Silver and bronze medals.

In 1980 Moscow hosted 22d O.G.

Nowadays, major cities compete the host of O.G. not just for the win. The Games being but for the vast amount of profit a host country can male . the Games have also become politically important.

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