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Modern Tourism Narrows the Mind

Modern Tourism Narrows the Mind

Until recently, we all believed that travel broadened the mind, but now many believe the exact opposite: “Modern tourism narrows the mind”.

It's needless to say that tourism tops the list of pastimes during one’s vacations. Why? The answer seems to be unexpectedly easy – it’s all because of the strong desire to entertain oneself. Modern tourism includes not only travelling through magnificent scenery or the world’s most treasured sites and going sightseeing. Decent travel agencies have understood that providing such tours only is nail-biting because modern clients can’t be hooked on that “drag”. Moreover, modern tourism tends to disregard these “old-fashioned” tours. Modern tourists demand more – and attentive stuff is ready to offer more.

Besides enjoying sun-soaked beaches or going for a stroll people need shopping. No matter how strange it may seem, but thousands tourists, in spite of being tired of their daily routine, disregard seaside resorts and gorgeous views just to go shopping. I wonder if anyone can say it broadens one’s horizons.

Bars, discos, clubs and other entertainment facilities are extremely popular with the tourists. They are fond of these places as if they don’t have the same in their own country. In spite of staying out of public eye and packed places, enjoying unique things that can be only found in the place they are in, people want to fill up their time by something common, with no escapade.

In fact, it may indeed be true to say that modern tourism can influence us in a negative way. Sometimes even just travelling experience can be so powerful, and alter the traveller's way of thinking so greatly, that they lose their cultural identity. Another potential problem is that a traveller may become a victim of discrimination, and lose his confidence as a result. Since the behaviour and customs of the locals may be very different from those of the inhabitants of the host culture, they may encounter negative reactions - unfriendliness, or even hostility, for example.

Moreover, the fact is that modern tourism is considered to ruin everything that in touches. But as for me, that’s a complete nonsense.

So, everything I think of the problem has been said. There are many choices and it is up to travellers to weigh up everything of the issue, to estimate it and come to their own conclusions.

Alexander V. Myskin, gr. 3o1

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