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Sport in my life

Sport in my life.

Watching sport events and going in for sports are 2 different things. When you listen to the radio you can always hear sport news. When you open a newspaper you will always find information about sport events.

TV programs about sports are always very popular, and you can watch something very interesting every day.

Personally I prefer to watch figure-skating competitions.

Sports help people to keep fit. At the same time those who go in for sports try to achieve good results and win victories in sports competitions. Practically speaking all kinds of sports and games are popular in our country. People go in for athletics, gymnastics boxing, fencing, and tennis - sports and games for any season, for any person, for any taste.

It goes without saying that football and tennis enjoy the greatest popularity in our country.

As for me I go jogging every day and I attend fitness center 3 times a week. But I am not crazy about sports. I am much happier sitting on the sofa with a book or in front of the computer.

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