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My family (работа 2)

My family

I haven’t got a family of my own yet, so I shall speak about my parents’ family. There are four of us: my father, Sergey Viktorovich, my mother, Irina Pavlovna, my younger brother Anton, and myself Alexandr, Alex for short.

First of all some about my parents. My mother is a house-wife. She is a good-looking woman with brown hair. She is thirty-four but she looks much younger.

My father is employee of Bank. He is very experienced. He is a broad-shouldered, tall man with fair hair and grey eyes. He is forty.

My parents have been married for eighteen years. They have much in common, but they have different views on music, books, films, sports. For example, my father likes horror films and my mother likes “soap operas”. My father is fond of tennis. My mother doesn’t go for sports. But my parents have the same opinion about my education and upbringing.

My parents are hard-working people. My mother keeps house and takes care of me, my brother and my father. She is very good at cooking and she is clever with her hands. She is very practical. My brother and I try to help her with the housework. I wash the dishes, go shopping and tidy our flat.

My brother’s name is Anton. He is thirteen years old. He is a schoolboy.

I want to become a student. I’d like to learn mathematics.

We have got a lot of relatives. We are deeply attached to each other and we get on very well.

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