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Books in My Life (работа 1)

Books in My Life

Reading books is a very important role in the life of people. It educates a person, enriches his intellect. Books bring pleasure and delight. I consider that books are with us during all our life. When I was a child my parents read them to me, I was pleased to listen to the stories and tales. I have learned a lot of interesting things from books since then. Now I like to read books on science. I am keen on reading the great variety of encyclopedias, reference books, technical magazines, etc.

People are fond of reading different kinds of books. Some people enjoy reading detective stories, adventure stories, novels, biographies, other prefer classics. Fairy tales are enjoyed and read by children, books about adventures and journeys are enjoyed by those who are fond of traveling. Legends and myths are read by those who are fond of history.

Sometimes we read the same book again and again. It's a wonderful way of spending spare time. Thanks to books we learn to express our thoughts and feelings more exactly. The book is faithful and understanding friend. It can be put aside and taken up again at any moment. You can gain knowledge on many things from books. Books awaken the young reader's imagination. They teach the readers to be truthful, friendly, honest, careful, fair and serious.

Books shouldn't be read only by pleasure. Reading books helps us in our education. Libraries play an important part in the cultural development of people. We can find all kinds of books in the libraries. In some libraries we can even find books in many foreign languages.

I am sure that books play a very important role in my life. Our family has got many books. All the members of our family buy books and read them. My mother says that books help us in self-education. Books must be our friends during all our life. Books are worth reading!

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