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I want to be a teacher

I want to be a teacher

There are many interesting and useful professions but I like the profession of a teacher.

I began to think about my future profession at the age of 14. I was born in the family of a teacher. My mother is a teacher, and I like this profession, too.

When I was a little girl, I went to school with my mother attending her lessons.

I saw my mother at the lessons, I watched her and I wanted my mother to be a favourite teacher for the pupils.

Once our English teacher caught cold. I was in the 9th form and was fond of English.

The head teacher asked me to give an English lesson in the 5th form. I entered the classroom, saw many pupils, sitting at their desks, and said, "Good morning" and began the lesson.

I wanted the pupils to like English. We read, wrote, sang songs, asked and answered questions. I gave English lessons several times and I was glad teaching the pupils when the teacher was absent.

Now I know well what I am going to do after leaving school. I want to be a teacher of English. It is a very interesting and difficult profession. It is interesting because you work with the pupils, with the personalities. It is difficult because you have to teach them a foreign language.

To be a good teacher means to be a highly educated person and to know a lot. Every day I improve my English, reading books, translating sentences from Russian into English, reading English newspapers, looking through magazines and sometimes speaking with Englishmen.

I am fond of English and I want to be a skilled teacher.

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