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Problems At School

Problems At School

The survey

Carried out by:

A. Luik

D. Grunichev

S. Golubev

The survey was carried out on the 4th of December in Secondary School of Humanities; among 11 students of from 9C aged 14-16.

A task, which our group asked the students to do, was about to choose the main problems at their school from out list. These problems were:

Wearing uniform

Go to school everyday

Do not chew gum

Do not listen to a player

Do not chew gum

Must not bring dangerous things, that may do any harm to people

Do not listen to a player

It is not allowed to make defiant hair

Smoking is forbidden

Running in a corridor or being in aggressive state is not allowed

Have to do much homework

Interrupt teacher's speech during the lesson is not allowed

Study for exams

Have to be at school before the beginning of the lesson at least in 5 minutes

Finally the results are: the majority of students strongly disagreed with being strictly prohibited to chew gum at school. It is so, because, as they said, that you they can hardly lose their habits. The same amount of votes was given to the problem of being in the classroom in 5 minutes before the beginning of the lesson. There were many contradicting judgments on this topic, however the results were achieved in the long discussion. Five votes were given to the problem of wearing uniform, as the result of differing desires of students, talking about their wardrobe. They all want to wear clothes, which they want. In less interest were affected subjects of going to school everyday and of listening to a player during the lesson (4 votes). Concerning the first – there was a very simple answer that anyone can guess. Listening to music, though it amuses you, makes the information coming from the teacher either not to come to your ears, or “rush” them by. Pupils are very excited with terrorism at school and they as hate smoking, as do so with studying for exams. This question came with 3 points from each person. It is very surprising, after all precedent questions, that our pupils like to do homework, and no wonder, that are running in the corridor from on side to other in a very aggressive state. Negative attitude pupils were giving the answer on the problematic questions about teacher’s interrupt and “punk” hair – 0 of them had ticked this point.

In conclusion I would like to explain the obtaining outcomes. From the viewpoint of the students they are so because for many of them studying at school “looks like”, as living at home, for the reason that they stay there great part of the time. Then they want to do the same things that they do at home. Maybe many people will not agree with this young generation, but life is still going on, and you might live in such a way, as you like.

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