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Are young people today slaves to fashion?

Are young people today slaves to fashion?

Сергей Голубев

What do we call fashion? Something that is popular at some period of time. For sure everyone wants to keep up to date. Especially the majority of young people like to show themselves off in public. Unfortunately they even don’t realize how they become slaves to fashion, being down in the dumps in case they forget to dress up.

In all times, particularly taking roots from the past centuries, person’s welfare was valued by the way man or woman was dressed. Nowadays people’s point of view hasn’t changed cardinally; merely people’s choices, in my opinion, often lay neither in the quality of product nor in its easiness in use, but in the choice brands.

On one hand we could claim that fashion often rules the world, turning many people’s heads. This can be also attributed to our young generation. To attract attention of others they wear non-traditional clothes, made by popular brands, with hair brightly colored. From one point this namely “punk-appearance” shows their character, shows their wish for freedom.

Nevertheless, there is a price to be paid for this. It is totally up to boys and girls what to wear, but what for to sacrifice youself by spoiling natural young skin with all those make-up things, or to have an unnatural red hair like an alien. They feel uncomfortable and become flustered when they see that they dressed not so much attractively.

As for me, it is always important to remember the rules of politness, that there are different styles of clothes for different types of events. From my point of view, things that you have in your wardrobe should be comfortable to wear. It is better to remain true to yourself. As one wise well-known proverb says, “People meet by clothes and set off by mind”.

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