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  • Тип: Реферат

    The cities of USA

    The USA is a very huge country By its territory it stands on the third place after Russia and Canada But of course the territory is nothing without the people leaving there and the cities that they build Imagine you want to go to live in the United states because of some of your reasons, and imagine also you have no relatives and no friends there But you have the freedom and enough money to leave in any place and in any city in America What you choose? Little city somwhere on the seashore where you can see how the sun set, or the big meropolitan conglomerat from which you can reach any countr
  • Тип: Топик

    The climate of Great Britain

    The total land area of the United Kingdom is 244,000 square kilometres The mountains are in the west and north of the country There are lowlands in the south and east There are many rivers in Great Britain but they are not long The western coast of Great Britain is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea The eastern coast is washed by the waters of the North Sea The English Channel, which is 32 kilometres wide, separates the south-east of Great Britain from France So Great Britain is surrounded by water Not far from the British Isles there is warm Golf Stream All these facts influence the
  • Тип: Топик

    The cloning

    The term of cloning came from a Greek word that meant “a branch”, or “a bine” It has to do chiefly with apprehension of plant cloning The cloning of plants by stems, bulbs or gemmas has been known for more than 4 thousand years
  • Тип: Топик

    The commonwealth of Australia

    The Commonwealth of Australia is a federal state within the Commonwealth of Nations Its territories are the continent of Australia, the island of Tasmania and a number of smaller islands It has an area of about eight million square kilometres
  • Тип: Топик

    The Comparative Analysis Of The History Of The Computer Science And The Computer Engineering In The USA And Ukraine

    Howard Aiken's contributions to the development of the computer -notably the Harvard Mark I (IBM ASSC) machine, and its successor the Mark II - are often excluded from the mainstream history of computers on two technicalities The first is that Mark I and Mark II were electro-mechanical rather than electronic; the second one is that Aiken was never convinced that computer programs should be treated as data in what has come to be known as the von Neumann concept, or the stored program It is not proposed to discuss here the origins and significance of the stored program Nor I wish to deal with t
  • Тип: Курсовая работа

    The comparative typology of English, Russian and Uzbek languages

    It is no doubt true that students grow toward maturity and independence of thought as they progress through the grades; but this growth is not as a rule a sharp and sudden one, nor does the psychology of the students undergo any great change during the various levels of the fundamental principles that underlie the work of the University remain the same from year to year The need in every level is to bring about academic growth by providing near and broader experiences
  • Тип: Топик

    The Concept of Youth Subcultures

    The word 'culture' suggests that there is a separate entity within the larger society with which the larger society must contend A subculture group is a social-cultural formation that exists as a sort of island or enclave within the larger society One definition of subculture is: "subcultures are meaning systems, modes of expression or life styles developed by groups in subordinate structural positions in response to dominant meaning systems, and which reflect their attempt to solve structural contradictions rising from the wider societal context" (Michael Brake) For Brake membershi
  • Тип: Топик

    The conflicts of the modern world. A competitive society

    In this composition I would like to discuss the conflicts of the modern world and the consequences of the competitive society Being asked about this I usually start with a competitive society Because this is the thing we face in every day life and always ask one question ourselves: ’Why have we created the world full of troubles and problems whereas we ourselves live in it?’ This sounds really paradoxical but it is true For instance, the taxes in our country bring so many troubles to people who want to start their own business that they simply have to find ways not to pay them Thousands of exa
  • Тип: Топик

    The constitution of Ukraine

    The adoption of a new constitution of Ukraine on the 28th of June 1996 became an important event in the life of the people of Ukraine Our country has long-standing constitutional traditions The first Constitution of Ukraine was written by hetman Philip Orlyk in 1710 Being the first constitution in Europe it was notable for its profound democracy The experience of Ukrainian people’s republic (1918) played a significant role in the constitutional process The constitution of the Ukrainian people’s republic approved by the Centralna Rada is the embodiment of the statehood principles of Ukraine
  • Тип: Реферат

    The copyright rights

    The copyright extends on products of a science, the literature and the arts which are growing out of creative activity, irrespective of appointment and advantage of product, and also a way of its expression
  • Тип: Доклад

    The Crimea

    At the foothills of huge mountains there are a lot of hotels and places for having rest Thousands of Soviet people attracted by the Black Sea to come here as vacationers could buy a putyovka, a trade union certificate for room and board People could buy it for a small percentage of its actual cost That’s why most of the Soviet people could enjoy their holidays at the seashore
  • Тип: Реферат

    The culture of public speaking

    Is it appropriate now to study the culture of public speaking? Definitely, yes After «growing cultural and educational potential and rhetorical activity of people, environmental problems are actualized human spirit – the creative person who wants to organic socialization in difficult conditions of market relations» [5, c 49]
  • Тип: Топик

    The declaration of independence

    Когда, в ходе происходящих с людьми событий, для одних людей становится необходимым разрыв политических уз, которые связали их с другими, и существовать среди держав мира, отдельно и равноправно, как свободные люди по праву, которому наделили их Законы Природы и Бога, простое уважение о мнениях человечества требует, чтобы они объявили причины, которые побуждают их к отделению
  • Тип: Курсовая работа

    The Definite Article with Class Nouns in English and in French

    An article is a word that combines with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun and to specify the volume or numerical scope of that reference Article can be also thought of as a special kind of adjective, because it combines with a noun and contributes to the meaning of the noun-phrase Many linguists place the article in the category of determiners M Ia Blokh in his book “Theoretical Grammar of the English Language” says “The article is a determining unit of specific nature accompanying the noun in communicative collocation ” The linguists L A Barmina and I P Verkhovs
  • Тип: Топик

    The development of computers in the USA

    In the early 1960s, when computers were hulking mainframes that took up entire rooms, engineers were already toying with the then - extravagant notion of building a computer intended for the sole use of one person by the early 1970s, researches at Xerox's Polo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC) had realized that the pace of improvement in the technology of semiconductors - the chips of silicon that are the building blocks of present-day electronics - meant that sooner or later the PC would be extravagant no longer They foresaw that computing power would someday be so cheap that engineers would
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