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  • Тип: Реферат

    Stages and types of an applied sociological research. Sociological research process

    Sociology can’t exist without various kinds of empiric information about social processes and events that take place in the society Such information can be found in the data of formal statistics published in magazines, bulletins etc It can also be obtained as a result of an applied sociological research (ASR) which differs from a fundamental research by its final result A fundament research is aimed at getting new knowledge while an applied sociological research is to be carried out to solve a particular social problem This feature constitutes the ASR specificity
  • Тип: Реферат

    Stanley Bruce's great industrial relation blunder

    The Howard government and its conservative backers are preparing with considerable fanfare for an assault on the trade unions through so-called reform of the industrial relations system after Howard gets control of the Senate on June 31
  • Тип: Реферат

    State political system

    The State System of any nation is not an artificial creation of some genius or simply the embodiment of different rational schemes It is nothing else but a work of many centuries, a product of a national spirit, a political mentality and the consciousness of people
  • Тип: Топик

    Steady state theory

    In cosmology, the steady state theory is a model developed in 1949 by Fred Hoyle, Thomas Gold and others as an alternative to the Big Bang theory Although the model had a large number of supporters among cosmologists in the 1950s and 1960s, the number of supporters decreased markedly in the late 1960s and today it is considered a non-standard cosmology It is also the basis for another theory known as the quasi-steady state theory which postulates a lot of little big bangs occurring over time The steady state theory was developed as a result of theoretical calculations that showed that a stati
  • Тип: Изложение

    Steinbeck, John. The Pearl

    The parable “The Pearl” deals with a drasticincident in the life of Kino, a poor Indian fisherman, and his wife The storyis set in the little village “La Paz”, which is situated on thecoast of the Gulf on California
  • Тип: Курсовая работа


    Ses romans sont presque tous autobiographiques (mais en est-il qui ne le sont pas?). C est, pour Stendhal, l idéal qui fournit la jauge à laquelle doit se mesurer le réel; cet idéal cristallisé par Napoléon à qui Julien Sorel voue une véritable passion.
  • Тип: Топик

    Stock market

    The stock market To some it’s a puzzle To others it’s a source of profit and endless fascination The stock market is the financial nerve center of any country It reflects any change in the economy It is sensitive to interest rates, inflation and political events In a very real sense, it has its fingers on the pulse of the entire world
  • Тип: Контрольная работа

    Strategic Planning

    Computacenter plc is the parent company of a group of European companies which provide computer services to public and private sector customers Despite the spelling of the word «center», it is a UK company based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire 2
  • Тип: Топик


    Stratford-upon-Avon lies at the very heart of England It attracts people not only by its history and connection with William Shakespeare, but also by its wonderful nature and typical English character
  • Тип: Топик

    Street Art

    New Yorkers used to see the graffiti on the walls of poor neighbourhoods and subway trains as something menacing and an example of urban decay The scrawled names and slogans were seen as unsightly and aggressive, the work of vandals seeking to express their identities or even make a political point Up to the 1970s, most New Yorkers hated graffiti, considering it as an eyesore that was illegal and punishable by fines
  • Тип: Доклад

    Streit im Haus

    Vögel darf man auf dem Fensterbrett füttern Aber keine Tauben, die machen zu viel Dreck An der Außenwand oder am Fenster darf man keine Politparolen aufhängen Von 13 00 bis 15 00 und von 22 00 Uhr bis 7 00 Uhr darf man im Haus keinen Krach machen, und auch nicht draußen im Hof oder im Garten Auch die Kinder müssen dann leise spielen In der Wohnung darf man pro Tag 90 Minuten Musik machen Aber man darf die Nachbarn nicht zu sehr stören Ihr Partner oder Ihre Partnerin darf in Ihrer Wohnung oder in Ihrem Appartement wohnen Man muß den Vermieter nicht fragen Er kann es nicht verbeiten
  • Тип: Дипломная работа

    Structural and semantic Characteristics of Nouns

    The noun is a word expressing substance in the widest sense of the word In the concept of substance we include not only names of living beings (e g boy, girl, bird) and lifeless things (e g table, chair, book), but also names of abstract notions, i e qualities, slates, actions (kindness, strength, sleep, fear, conversation, fight), abstracted from their bearers In speech these types of nouns are treated in different ways, so one, who does not know ways of treatment, can make mistakes in his speech Standing on such ground, we considered the theme of the work actual enough to make investigation
  • Тип: Курсовая работа

    Structural-semantic and functional features of the category of voice in languages of different system

    Conditions of reforming of all education system the question of the world assistance to improvement of quality of scientific theoretical aspect of educational process is especially actually put As President I A Karimov has declared in the program speech "Harmoniously development of generation a basis of progress of Uzbekistan": … all of us realize that achievement of great purposes put today before us noble aspirations it is necessary for updating a society" The effect and destines of our reforms carried out in the name of progress and the future results of our intentions are c
  • Тип: Курсовая работа

    Structure of sentence

    The theme of my course paper sounds as following: «Structure of Sentence in English» Before beginning of investigation in our theme, I would like to say some words dealt with the theme of my course paper
  • Тип: Топик

    Students and their Schools

    The typical American student spends six hours a day, five days a week, 180 days a year in school Children in the United States start preschool or nursery school at age four or under Most children start kindergarten at five years of age
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