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  • Тип: Доклад

    Socio-cultural foundations of east-european&Russian geopolitics \english\

    This report is based on the theory of socio-cultural systems (SCS) developed by the author As a matter of fact, it is one of its possible, numerous applications First of all - several words about the theory itself as far as it is still a relatively new thing for Western colleagues
  • Тип: Топик

    Solar System

    The sun and the planets, the moon and the satellites of the other planets, the comets, asterois, and meteoroids make up the solar system The solar system is located in the Milky Way Galaxy Almost the whole galaxy is made of stars Astronomers believe there are at least 100 billion stars If you counted one star a second it would take you more than thirty thousand years to count 100 billion And each star has planets, like the sun
  • Тип: Реферат

    Solidarity rights:universality and diversities

    The oposition between the individual and the community is one of the central themes in the non-Western cultural criticue of international human rights 1 Throughout the centuries concepts of human rights and fundamental freedoms provided that the beneficiaries of those rights and freedoms are individual human beings in whom these rights inhere inalienably by virtue of their humanity, and the dignity and integrity to which that characteristic entitles them 2 For long, one of the key features of human rights thinking was the centrality of the dignity and well being of individuals On the other ha
  • Тип: Топик

    Some Difficulties of Translating English Phrasal Verbs into Russian

    Diploma paper is devoted to a very current theme about the translating of English phrasal verbs to Russian Translating of English phrasal verbs is very important part of the science of translation because it couldn’t be a real good correct translation without correct translating of the phrasal verbs
  • Тип: Топик

    Some features of today's British life

    From 1981 to 1989 the British economy experienced eight years of sustained growth at the annual average rate over 3% However, subsequently Britain and other major industrialized nations were severely affected by recession In Britain growth slowed to 0 6% in 1990, and in 1991 gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 2 3% GDP fell in 1992 as a whole by 0 4%, but it rose slightly in the second half of the year The recovery strengthened during the first part of 1993; with GDP in the second quarter being 2% higher than a year earlier; the European Commission expected Britain to be the fastest growing
  • Тип: Курсовая работа

    Some problems of accentual structure in English

    In this course paper we shall treat some problems of accentual structure According to D Crystal the terms "heaviness, sound pressure, force, power, strength, intensity, amplitude, prominence, emphasis, accent, stress" tend to be used synonymously by most writers According to G P Torsuev the notions “stressed” and “prominent” should not be used synonymically The effect of prominence is created by some phonetic features of sounds which have nothing to do with word or sentence stress
  • Тип: Статья

    Some problems of borrowing in the Russian language

    This article concerns borrowings from European languages Although the study of foreign lexics and, wider, language borrowing has its own history over a long period of time in linguistics both in Russia and abroad (one can mention the names of great scholars who dealt with this problem: Bloomfield, Scherba, Grot Haugen) the problem of borrowing by the Russian language hasn't been solved yet The least investigated aspect is the graphic and orthographic one
  • Тип: Статья

    Some problems of the russian spelling

    This article deals with the least investigated orthographic aspect of borrowings from European languages A brief analysis of foreign words from "Vesty-Kuranty 1600-1639 " - a business written language monument of the XVII century - has been given from the point of view of their spelling
  • Тип: Топик

    Space exploration

    For thousands of years man dreamed of flying to the stars At the beginning of the century the great Russian scientist Tsiolkovsky predicted that "mankind will not remain on Earth forever" Half a century later his words came true, the dream became a reality
  • Тип: Контрольная работа


    In first half of the 1900's Spain was one of the most underdeveloped countries in Europe But Spain has made a remarkable industrial and economic recovery especially over the past twenty years Today's Spanish economy is vibrant and quite diversified off its original agricultural base It is now the seventh largest economy in the world Motor vehicles & car parts are now the biggest export earners for Spain, although the food industry is still very important
  • Тип: Топик

    Spare time

    Every day I go to school I get up early, do homework, and have piano lessons twice a week But on weekends I like to do something different I like to relax I watch TV or videos If it rains, I prefer indoor activities: to read books and magazines, to play chess, to play records, to draw on a computer, to clean the house
  • Тип: Реферат

    Specificity of sociology and sociological knowledge

    Very often we come across the concept of social reality and believe that social reality is something that can be understood and learnt But yet the given concept hasn’t been defined precisely in sociology and it is often used as a synonym of such concepts as “social life”, “society”, “social world”, “social and historic existence” etc Moreover, the problem is made more complicated due to the fact that judgments “social reality” and “social world” belong to different theoretic paradigms Theorists are united only by the circumstance that human social world can be learnt
  • Тип: Топик

    Sport and healthy lifestyle

    The fitness boom of the past decades led to a big rise in the numbers of people participating in sports and activities Those who pursue the latest fitness fashion are convinced that staying in good physical form requires much more than regular exercise and balanced meals For anyone who really wants to be healthy, fitness has become an integral part of their lives A lot of health and fitness club, and public leisure centers indicate the popularity of sports during the past thirty years There are many opportunities for keeping fit First of all it's necessary to do exercises Running, jumping, sw
  • Тип: Топик

    Sport in a pub

    There are many public houses in London and elsewhere, where beer, wine and spirits may be bought and drunk at certain times of the day These are suitable width=100% for all classes of the community and provide a place, where people may meet together and talk, and perhaps play at darts or other games, as well as drink
  • Тип: Контрольная работа

    Sport in different countries of the world

    Football is the most popular game Football, or soccer, is an example of a professional game The game of football was first played in Britain, and later people began to play football in other countries
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