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  • Тип: Топик

    Most striking traits of peoples character

    During our life we get in touch with many people We all know a password: "So many characters, so many people " and it is really true Character is the most important thing in a person which attracts or repulses other people
  • Тип: Реферат


    People join and work in organizations to satisfy their needs They are attracted to organizations that have the means of satisfying their needs These means are called incentives of rewards; organizations use them to induce people to contribute their efforts toward achieving organizational goals The continued existence of an organisation depends on its ability to attract and motivate people to achieve these personal and organizational goals
  • Тип: Топик

    Motivation: Reward system and the role of compensation

    The design and management of reward systems present the general manager with one of the most difficult HRM tasks This HRM policy area contains the greatest contradictions between the promise of theory and the reality of implementation Consequently, organizations sometimes go through cycles of innovation and hope as reward systems are developed, followed by disillusionment as these reward systems fail to deliver
  • Тип: Топик

    Mozart: Symphony 40 in G Minor, K.550 Моцарт: Симфония №40 в си-минор, К. 550

    Being an admirer of the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, I chose to analyze Mozart’s Symphony No 40 in G Minor An early analyst and critic of Mozart’s music, Otto Jahn called the Symphony No 40 “a symphony of pain and lamentation ” Another critic said it was “nothing but joy and animation” (Kramer 480) While these two remarks may be used as extreme ways to interpret the symphony, its character and mood are captivating and touching
  • Тип: Дипломная работа

    Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school

    The term “методика” has several correspondences in English: methodology, methods and methodics The word methodology will be used for “методика” and “методологія” of teaching English as foreign language [TEFL]
  • Тип: Курсовая работа

    Multiple negation

    It would be difficult to deny the existence of recurrent topics and research areas in English linguistics and, even more, in the general linguistic panorama They are generally fields of study that stand out for their complexity and universality They normally show relevant implications for the entire grammatical system and they tend to be susceptible of analysis from multiple perspectives and approaches Without doubt, one of these major linguistic areas is negation Several scholars (Jespersen 1917; Poldauf 1979; Horn 1978; Tottie 1991, Wouden 1997) to mention just a few, have already referred
  • Тип: Топик

    Multiracial Britain

    For millions of people all over the world, Britain is the land of tradition, the Royal Family, Beefeaters, Bobbies on the beat and, above all, white people In much of middle America, it comes as a shock for them to hear that there any black people in Britain at all But even if people can get their head around the idea that an afroamerican might be British, the notion that he could be an MP often perplexes them
  • Тип: Топик

    Munch, Edvard

    Norwegian painter and printmaker whose intense, evocative treatment of psychological and emotional themes was a major influence on the development of German Expressionism in the early 20th century His painting The Cry (1893) is regarded as an icon of existential anguish
  • Тип: Топик

    Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban

    Murillo, Bartolome (1617-82) An artist whose many religious paintings emphasized the peaceful, joyous aspects of spiritual life, Bartolome Murillo was the first Spanish painter to achieve renown throughout Europe In addition to the enormous popularity of his works in his native Seville, Murillo was much admired in other countries, particularly England Here his influence can be seen in the paintings of Sir Joshua Reynolds and John Constable, who painted during the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Тип: Топик

    Muromachi Art

    During the Muromachi period (1338-1573), also called the Ashikaga period, a profound change took place in Japanese culture The Ashikaga military clan took control of the shogunate and moved its headquarters back to Kyoto, to the Muromachi district of the city With the return of government to the capital, the popularizing trends of the Kamakura period came to an end, and cultural expression took on a more aristocratic, elitist character Zen Buddhism, the Ch'an sect traditionally thought to have been founded in China in the 6th century AD, was introduced for a second time into Japan and took ro
  • Тип: Топик


    Art plays an important role in the life of a man and sometimes it is next to impossible to live without it. It is natural that the first thing that comes to my mind at the mention of the word ‘art’ is museums.
  • Тип: Топик

    Museums and picture galleries

    The British Museum was founded in 1753 One doctor Ganse Sloan had a big collection of paintings He bequeathed it to the state Now the British Museum is one of the biggest museums in the world One can see many subjects of primitive art and antique culture It is interesting to notice that there are a lot of old money, medals, manuscripts, coins, engravings
  • Тип: Топик

    Music and Ballet

    #ÔÀÉË: English Music and Ballet #ÒÅÌÀ: Ìóçûêà è áàëëåò #ÐÀÇÄÅË #ÍÀÇÍÀ×ÅÍÈÅ: Ñîîáùåíèå #ÔÎÐÌÀÒ: Win Word 97 #ÀÂÒÎÐ: Àòàíîâ Àíäðåé #ÑÄÀÂÀËÑß: Áåëãîðîäñêîå ìåäèöèíñêîå ó÷èëèùå Þãî-Âîñòî÷íîé æåëåçíîé äîðîãè Ïðåïîäàâàòåëü àíãëèéñêîãî ÿçûêà Øàõîâ Ñ Ï 2001 ã #ÏÐÈÌÅ×ÀÍÈß: From: ÿçûê òåêñòà àíãëèéñêèé ñ ðóññêèì ïåðåâîäîì From: atanov@belnet ru Белгородское медицинское училище
  • Тип: Контрольная работа

    Music history

    Our knowledge of musical practice before 200 A D is extremely limited because few attempts were made by ancient cultures to preserve music using notation systems Iconography in music is the study of graphical representations of musical activities Archaeologists have discovered artefacts and drawings dating to prehistoric times which depict musicians performing on various instruments Early musical instruments have also been discovered For example, a recent dig in the Ukraine uncovered musical instruments made from the bones of a woolly mammoth dating back to 18,000 B C It is likely that music e
  • Тип: Топик

    Music in our life

    People cannot live without music They listen to music, dance to music or learn to play musical instruments There is music everywhere: at home, in a concert hall, in the park, at the seaside, in the forest and even in the street
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