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    Kastus Kalinovsky the Fighter for Independence of Belarus

    nizing the uprising of 1863 in Belarus and Lithuania But the tsarist army dispersed the uprising In 1864 Kastus Kalinovsky was arrested and hanged as the learder of the uprising He fought for national independence of Byelorussian people, the development of national culture and education His name bec
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    Kazakhstan is a sovereign state In December 1991 Kazakhstan declared its independence Kazak government pursues the policy of friendship and national accord Historically Kazakhstan has developed as a multinational state According to the constitution adopted in 1995 every nationality can develop its culture in Kazakhstan All people of Kazakhstan have equal rights and duties Both industry and agriculture are developing here Nowadays many private firms and joint ventures appear Kazakhstan has established diplomatic relations with seventy countries of the world President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Na
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    Keepihg fit and doing sports

    I you want to feel fit you’d better go in for one kind of sport or another I should admit that everyone must do all he can to be healthy Good health is better than the best medicine «You have a sound mind in a sound body» as the old Latin saying goes The English proverb «Sickness in the body brings sickness to the mind» expresses a similar idea but from different point of view All kinds of physical exercises are very useful to make our bodies strong and to keep ourselves fit and healthy To tell the truth I don’t do sports regularly and it is not an essential part of my daily life In the morni
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    Keeping fit

    The fitness boom of the past decades led to a big rise in the numbers of people participating in sports and activities Those who pursue the latest fitness fashion are convinced that staying in good physical form requires much more than regular exercise and balanced meals For anyone who really wants to be healthy, fitness has become an integral part of their lives A lot of health and fitness clubs, and public leisure centres that were created in many countries indicate the popularity of sports during the past thirty years These centres with their swimming pools, sunshine beach, water slides, a
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    Keys to Management

    Our society is made up of all kinds of organizations, such as companies, government departments, unions, hospitals, schools, libraries, and the like They are essential to our existence, helping to create our standards of living and our quality of life In all this organizations there are people carrying out the work of manager They have a responsibility to use the resources of their org effectively and economically to achieve its objectives
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    Khefren was the son of Kheops and Henutsen, and thus the half-brother of his predecessor, Djedefre He was married with his (half ?) sister Khamernebti I, with whom he had a son, Mykerinos, and a daughter, Khamernebeti II He was also married to Meresankh III, a daughter of Kawab and Hetepheres II, with whom he had at least four sons: Nebemakhet, Niuserre, Khenterka and Duaenre, and one daughter, Shepsestkau Other sons of Khefren’s were Nikawre and Sekhemkare, but it is not known who their mothers were
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    Kheops is the second and most famous king of the 4th Dynasty He was the son of Snofru and Hetepheres I He at least had two wives, probably even as much as four, with whom he had several children Queen Meritates bore him Kawab, Hor-djedef, Hetepheres II and Meresankh II With Henutsen, Kheops had Re-khaf (the later king Khephren) and Khufu-khaf as children Other children of Kheops are Re-djedef, who would succeed Kheops as Djedefre, Hor-baf, who is sometimes supposed to have become the otherwise unattested king Bakare, and Khamernebti I
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    Kiev, Khreschatyk

    Khreschatyk is the main street in Kiev It is not very long, but it is wide and straight You can see many cars and trolley buses in Khreschatyk There are many big green trees in it A lot of people go to Khreschatyk every day Some of them go shopping because there are many good shops and big market there Other people go to the cinema, look at the fountains or sit on the benches
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    Kernstück des gesamten Zivilprozesses ist die Klage Die Verbindung mehrerer prozessualer Ansprüche gegen einen bestimmten Beklagten ist zulässig, wenn für sämtliche Ansprüche das Prozeßgericht zuständig ist und dieselbe Prozeßart zulässig ist
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    Klee, Paul

    A Swiss-born painter and graphic artist whose personal, often gently humorous works are replete with allusions to dreams, music, and poetry, Paul Klee, b Dec 18, 1879, d June 29, 1940, is difficult to classify
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    Knowledge, Innovation and Development

    Knowledge is the thing that makes a difference It is matter of being better informed than the others, getting ideas before the others, - these are the things that allow some companies to take off and remain leaders for a long time In the past knowledge and innovations didn't play an important role in company management The impact of these factors on the competition wasn't very big and obvious From the second half of 19th century industries and management started to develop rapidly and by the end of 20th century inventions have penetrated all spheres of production, business and human life in ge
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    Korea in focus

    In the past two decades, Korea has been one of the fastest developing nations in the world - both in economic and social terms. Rapid industrial and economic growth has seen the Republic nearly reach developed nation status in a remarkably short time.
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    KOREA People and History in Harmony

    In the past two decades, Korea has been one of the fastest developing nations in the world - both in economic and social terms Rapid industrial and economic growth has seen the Republic nearly reach developed nation status in a remarkably short time The Korean people also find themselves in the midst of a new era of democratic development following the birth of the civilian Administration of President Kim Young Sam on February 25, 1993 This wiped out the negative legacy of decades of military-backed authoritarian rule The country has since been implementing bold political and economic reforms
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    Kristijonas Donelaitis

    Kristijonas Donelaitis gimė pirmąja Naujųjų, 1714, metų dieną Rytų Prūsijoje, Lazdynėlių kaime laisvo valstiečio šeimoje Yra žinoma, kad, be Kristijono, Donelaičiai turėjo dar 3 sūnus ir 3 dukteris Naujagimis valstiečio šeimai buvo nauja burna O ją maitinti nebuvo lengva, nes valstiečiai tuo metu gyveno nepaprastai sunkiai
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    Kronotsky Biosphere Zapovednik

    The Kamchatka Peninsula harbors one of the most spectacular volcanically active environments on Earth Kronotsky Biosphere Zapovednik, abutting the Pacific Ocean in the very northeast of Russia, is so remote that its magnificent Valley of the Geysers was only discovered in the middle of this century The towering volcanic range of 11 active cones and as many inactive ones permeates the coast, making the nature reserve one of the most geologically dynamic regions in the world The landscape is warmed from below the Earth's crust and exposed to the wrath of the great Pacific Ocean from the East Th
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