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    Johann Wolfgang Goethe

    1749 Johann Wolfgang Goethe wird am 28 August in Frankfurt am Main geboren Seine Eltern sind der Kaiserliche Rat ohne Amt Johann Kaspar Goethe und die Schultheißentochter Katharina Elisabeth Textor aus dem Frankfurter Partiziat Am 29 August wird Goethe protestantisch getauft
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    Johann(II) Bernoulli

    He worked on mathematics both with his father and as an independent worker He had the remarkable distinction of winning the Prize of the Paris Academy on no less than four separate occasions On the strength of this he was appointed to his father's chair in Basel when Johann Bernoulli died
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    Johannes Kepler

    Johannes Kepler is now chiefly remembered for discovering the three laws of planetary motion that bear his name published in 1609 and 1619) He also did important work in optics (1604, 1611), discovered two new regular polyhedra (1619), gave the first mathematical treatment of close packing of equal spheres (leading to an explanation of the shape of the cells of a honeycomb, 1611), gave the first proof of how logarithms worked (1624), and devised a method of finding the volumes of solids of revolution that (with hindsight!) can be seen as contributing to the development of calculus (1615, 1616
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    John F. Kennedy

    In November 1960 the American people elected Senator John F Kennedy to the Presidency Kennedy defeated by a narrow margin his Republican opponent, Vice President Richard Nixon The two youthful presidential candidates highlighted their campaigns by appearing on television in a serious of debates - Nixon emphasized the experience he had gained during his eight years in the, administration and reminding voters of the "peace and prosperity" achieved under Republican leadership, and Kennedy calling for new, forward-looking leadership and more effective use of the country's human and econ
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    John Grisham's book ”The Firm”

    The main hero of a book is Mitch McDeere, a poor guy with a Harvard law degree, can't refuse the offer he gets from a small Memphis law firm A brand new BMW, a house for him and his wife in a nice neighborhood even Well, as he started working, everything was fine But there was a small catch As he went on, he started to realize that his employers were rather curious (strange) Then he began to snoop around and found out about former employees who were "accidentally" killed As time went on, he realized that his law firm was corrupt Well, the FBI, who had the firm under surveillance (wa
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    Jongkind, Johan Barthold

    Jongkind, Johan Barthold (b June 3, 1819, Lattrop, Neth --d Feb 9, 1891, Côte-Saint-André, Fr ), painter and printmaker whose small, informal landscapes continued the tradition of the Dutch landscapists while also stimulating the development of Impressionism
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    Joseph-Louis Lagrange

    Joseph-Louis Lagrange is usually considered to be a French mathematician, but the Italian Encyclopaedia [40] refers to him as an Italian mathematician They certainly have some justification in this claim since Lagrange was born in Turin and baptised in the name of Giuseppe Lodovico Lagrangia Lagrange's father was Giuseppe Francesco Lodovico Lagrangia who was Treasurer of the Office of Public Works and Fortifications in Turin, while his mother Teresa Grosso was the only daughter of a medical doctor from Cambiano near Turin Lagrange was the eldest of their 11 children but one of only two to liv
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    Joulude puhad /estonii/

    Jõulud on lõhnavad pühad Praeahjus lõhnavad verivorstid või sealiha-parematel aegadel mõlemad korraga Lõhnavad hapukapsad ja piparkoogid Jõulude põhilõhna annab aga see, mille kohta vanarahvas ütleb: ,,Tuleb kui saks, läheb kui sant” Muidugi on see kuusk! Eriti ilusad on jõulukuused, mida ehivad lapsed Täiskasvanud ei oska seda nii hästi teha Kui tore on kuuseehteid karbist välja võtta! Me paneme kuuseokstele kuldmunad, hõbepähklid, hõbekarrad Vanasti, kui minu ema veel väike oli, ehiti taludes jõulukuuski õunte, präänikute, kompvekkide ja pähklitega Siis oli ehete
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    Judaism and the Jewish People

    THE JEWISH PEOPLE descend from nomadic tribes in the Middle East In the 13th century BCE they establish towns and villages in the present-day area of Israel Jewish kingdoms and states are centered around Jerusalem, the site of the Temple Judaism, the religion that evolves in this period, demands ethical behavior, individual responsibility, tolerance and social justice
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    Jugend und Drogen

    Am Anfang meines Vortrages möchte ich betonen, dass sich das 21 Jahrhundert zum Zeitalter der Drogen entwickelt Sie lauern in unserer Spaß - und Konsumgesellschaft überall Häufig führt der Konsum von legalen und illegalen Drogen im Kindes - und Jugendalter zum verfestigten Suchtverhalten später
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    Julia Roberts - the biography

    Julia Roberts will receive a healthy salary for her next movie In fact, that remuneration will make her the first woman to break the “$20 million hump” broken years ago by male stars The gal’s earned it, for seven of her films have surpassed the $100 million mark (hey, that’s more some of those guys’ flicks!), and her performances are consistent audience favorites Robert’s “atypical beauty” -- clear-eyed sparkle, wholesome wide grin and charismatic presence — marks her as Hollywood’s “Girl Next Door Superstar ” Atypical as well was her road to success After high school graduation, Roberts lef
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    The fifth planet from the sun is a huge ball of gas so massive it could hold all the other planets put together What we can see of the planet are bands of the highest clouds in a thick atmosphere of hydrogen and helium Traces of other gases produce the bright bands of color
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    Kamakura Art

    In 1180 a civil war broke out between two military clans, the Taira and the Minamoto; five years later the Minamoto emerged victorious and established a de facto seat of government at the seaside village of Kamakura, where it remained until 1333 With the of power from the nobility to the warrior class, the arts had to satisfy a new audience: soldiers, men devoted to the skills of warfare; priests committed to making Buddhism available to illiterate commoners; and conservatives, the nobility and some members of the priesthood who regretted the declining power of the court Thus, realism, a popu
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    Kandinsky, Wassily

    Kandinsky, Wassily, Russian in full VASILY VASILYEVICH KANDINSKY (b Dec 4 [Dec 16, New Style], 1866, Moscow, Russia--d Dec 13, 1944, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Fr ), Russian-born artist, one of the first creators of pure ab straction in modern painting After successful avant-garde exhibitions, he founded the influential Munich group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider; 1911-14) and began completely abstract painting His forms evolved from fluid and organic to geometric and, finally, to pictographic ( e g , Tempered Йlan, 1944)
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    Kasimir Malewitsch

    Im zweiten Jahrzehnt des 20 Jahrhunderts war Russland gleichsam ein Treibhaus moderner Kunstrichtungen Leider dauerte diese schöpferische Periode nicht lange Nach der Verkündung der Neuen Politik im Jahre 1921 wurde die abstrakte Malerei sehr streng unterdrückt Viele russische Künstler wie beispielweise Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Naum Gabo oder Antoine Pevsner verliessen daraufhin das Land; einige aber beschlossen zu bleiben, darunter auch Kasimir Malewitsch, der Begründer des Suprematismus
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