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    Europe in the Middle Ages

    In the year 1000, Western Europe was just emerging from the long depression commonly known as the Dark Ages Shortly before the beginning of the millennium, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III moved his capital and court back to the Eternal City But what little grandeur Rome still possessed paled by comparison with the splendors of 'the new Rome', Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine empire Byzantium was one of three centers of wealth and power in the known world of the 11th century, India and China were the others There were sophisticated cultures elsewhere, notably the Mayans of Mexico,
  • Тип: Топик

    European Union

    The European Union or the EU is an intergovernmental and supranational union of 25 European countries, known as member states The European Union was established under that name in 1992 by the Treaty on European Union, the Maastricht Treaty However, many aspects of the Union existed before that date through a series of predecessor relationships, dating back to 1951
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    European Union

    This paper is about the EU, its major policies, the key objectives, legislations, instruments for implementing those policies, who the members are, and the institutions involved in the implementation of the trade goals
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    European Women Yesterday and Today

    In the 17th century rich women normally were taught at home by a tutor, they were taught subjects like Latin, French, Needlework and they were also taught how to look pretty and to play the piano and other instruments
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    Evolution of Christianity

    In about 2000 B C , many displaced tribes were wandering through Middle East throughout the Middle East because of the political upheavals that accompanied the collapse of Akkadian kingdom and coming of the Babylonians These patriarchal tribes, under guidance of the oldest and most respected male members, founded communities united by bloodlines, economic interests, and folk traditions One of these tribes known as Hebrews, led by Abraham settled in the territory called Canaan, a region identified loosely with ancient Israel These tribes believed that Abraham was guided by supernatural force,
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    Examination Topics

    School is the traditional place for acculturating children into our national life In the modern age, the role assigned to our schools is to prepare children for the literate public culture Some students like school, others don’t; but they all study for eleven years and gain knowledge by doing different tasks For students who are doing well in most subjects and who want to get higher education, school is an attractive place But those who are not successful at school, and who are always pressed by teachers and their parents, school is boring and uninteresting
  • Тип: Реферат

    Examples of modern determinations of culture

    Consent in what culture it was not and it is not till today At deeper consideration of question a yet greater variety is revealed only Model in that behalf it is possible to count the book of Kreber and Klackhon «Culture: critical review of conceptions and determinations» Considering more than 150 determinations of culture, authors analyzed the great number of different ways of conceptions of this term In final analysis they came to next determination: "Culture consists of implicit models of conduct, acquired and transferrable by means of symbols, making distinctive achievement of human
  • Тип: Контрольная работа

    Exercises on lexicon and the English grammar

    Continental Equipment Plc, Brighton, England, hereinafter referred to as “the Seller”, on the one part, and TST Systems Ltd , Kiev, Ukraine, hereinafter referred to as “the Buyer”, on the other part, have concluded the present Contract as follows:
  • Тип: Реферат

    Expert analysis of problem Chernobyl power plant

    This article investigates the problem of the 20th century, the name of which is the Chernobyl accident As it is known, nothing has changed in the case of the Chernobyl disaster Area around the power plant has become a zone of alienation Nature and life destroyed, in addition, protective surface around the power plant almost destroyed due to the radioactive effects There is also a huge problem to support the affected population: necessary to make a census of the affected population, to carry out compensation
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    Amundsen was the first to leave, on 16 October, 1911 He had teams of dogs pulling the sledges and all his men were on skis Because of this, he made rapid progress Scott left on 1 November and soon had problems His two motor sledges broke down Amundsen reached the Pole on 14 December and put a Norwegian flag there Scott finally arrived at the Pole with his men on 17 January They were devastated when they saw Norwegian flag
  • Тип: Топик

    Expressionism and Fauvism

    In the north of Europe, the Fauves' celebration of color was pushed to new emotional and psychological depths Expressionism, as it was generally known, developed almost simultaneously in different countries from about 1905 Characterized by heightened, symbolic colors and exaggerated imagery, it was German Expressionism in particular that tended to dwell on the darker, sinister aspects of the human psyche
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    Movement in fine arts that emphasized the expression of inner experience rather than solely realistic portrayal, seeking to depict not objective reality but the subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arouse in the artist
  • Тип: Дипломная работа

    Expressive means and stylistic Devices

    Theme actuality In order to improve the training and provide better knowledge of foreign languages we have to accelerate the realization of the National Programmer of Personnel Training in the country As in many other aspects of life the situation changed in a language policy That requires creation of new textbooks, dictionaries, manuals In order to fulfill this goals one must know every field of linguistics In my opinion the theme of the work is very actual because there is not any manual which compare the lexical stylistic devices of the Uzbek and the English language
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    Eyck, Jan van

    Eyck, Jan van (b before 1395, Maaseik, Bishopric of Liège, Holy Roman Empire [now in Belgium]--d before July 9, 1441, Bruges), Flemish painter who perfected the newly developed technique of oil painting His naturalistic panel paintings, mostly portraits and religious subjects, made extensive use of disguised religious symbols His masterpiece is the altarpiece in the cathedral at Ghent, the Adoration of the Lamb (1432) Hubert van Eyck is thought by some to have been Jan's brother
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    Eyck, Jan van: altarpiece in Ghent

    It was not a sculptor who carried out the final conquest of reality in the North For the artist whose revolutionary discoveries were felt from the beginning to represent something entirely new was the painter Jan van Eyck (1390?-1441) Like Sluter, he was connected with the court of the Dukes of Burgundy, but he mostly worked in the part of the Netherlands that is now Belgium His most famous work is a huge altarpiece with many scenes in the city of Ghent It is said to have been begun by Jan's elder brother Hubert, of whom little is known, and was completed by Jan in 1432 Thus it was painted du
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