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    The 1st point to bear in mind at the recruitment stage is that people don’t change Intelligence levels decline modestly, but change little over their working life The same is true of abilities, such as learning languages and handling numbers
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    Endogenous Cycle Models

    The multiplier-accelerator structures reviewed above have linear dynamic structures As a result, cycles are generated and maintained only by structurally unstable parameter values (Samuelson) or dampened dynamics with continuous exogenous shocks (Frisch-Slutsky) or exogenously-constrained explosive dynamics (Hicks) As a result, early Keynesian linear multiplier-accelerator fall dangerously close to an "untheoretical" explanation of the cycle - precisely what the original Oxbridge research programme was designed to avoid
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    The South The landscape is varied The climate is warmer than in the other areas There are hundreds of miles of sea coast which vary from flat, sandy or stony beaches to high rocky cliffs The mild and sunny climate makes the south coast popular with holiday-makers Some coastal resorts are famous, Brighton among them
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    England Under Foreign Kings

    The Danes returned again and again to attack England The English people had to pay tribute But the Danes wanted to rule over the country and after many battles took the crown from the English They held it for twenty-four years Three Danish kings, one after the other, ruled over England One of these kings - Canute was at the same time king of England, Denmark, Norway and Sweden The rule of Danish kings over England came to an end soon after Canute's death in 1035
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    We are students at the Ukrainian Academy of Law Our Academy is one of the oldest educational establishment of this type in the Country Its 70th anniversari was marked in 1990 The Academy is housed in one of the best buildings of our city This is the house in 77 Pushkinskaya Street designed and constructed by Beketov-a well-known Russian architect It has a great number of light, spacious class-rooms, lecture-halls, a gymnasium, a reading-room,etc There are also special studi rooms and laboratories here The students have every opportuniti to master their future profession which is law Our Academ
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    English - topics

    Coming to Moscow for the first time, many tourists start sightseeing with Red Square In Red Square they visit St Basil's () Cathedral, a masterpiece of () ancient Russian () architecture It was built in memory of the victory over Kazan in 1552 The monument standing in front of St Basil's Cathedral tells us of the people's victory over Polish invaders in 1612 On the monument you can read the following words: "To citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky from grateful Russia"
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    English as an Indo-European Language

    As we know, there are great communities of languages, called families Most European languages and several Asian belong to one of the families, Indo-European (exceptions are Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, Karelian, and Livonian, which are Uralic) English is certainly one of them
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    English character

    Foreigners have many ideas about what the English like For example, some people say the English are always cold and reserved, this means that they don't talk much to strangers, and don't show much emotion A reserved person never tells you anything about himself But the people of the North and West of Britain are much less reserved than those of the South and East Some believe the English eat porridge for breakfast and read The Times every day Many Australians believe that the English always whine and call them "whining poms" The Welsh, Scottish and Irish also have a thing or two to
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    English Course Work on Newspaper Reading

    The headline of the article I have read is "Kleinwort Wins Rosneft Price Tender" This article is written by Jeanne Whalen and and it was published in "The Moscow Times" on the 3rd of March, 1998
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    English Has no Equals!

    On the 5th of September 1977, the American spacecraft Voyager One blasted off on its historic mission to Jupiter and beyond On board the scientists who knew that Voyager would one day spin through distant star systems had installed a recorded greeting from the people of the planet Earth A brief message in fifty-five different languages for the people of outer space plays a statement from the Secretary-General of the United Nations an Austrian named Kurt Waldheim, speaking on behalf of 147 member states in English The rise of English is a remarkable success story When Julius Caesar landed in B
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    English idioms

    If you look up the word idiom in Webster, you will be given the following definition: Idiom is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent element as kick the bucket, hang one's head etc , or from the general grammatical rules of language, as the table round for the round table, and which is not a constituent of a larger expression of like characteristics This definition seems a bit dry and doesn't really tell anything about the function of idioms in English language
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    English in business

    a) Why should you learn a foreign language? That might seem like a stupid question, particularly coming from a company that publishes language-learning magazines Surely, the more foreign languages you can speak, the better Yes, probably But sometimes simple questions are not as stupid as they seem
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    English Language

    English Language, chief medium of communication of people in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and numerous other countries It is the official language of many nations in the Commonwealth of Nations and is widely understood and used in all of them It is spoken in more parts of the world than any other language and by more people than any other tongue except Chinese
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    English language

    Concerns to West-German group Indo-European of languages In English speak and use in state office-work, literature and science, about 200 millions the person - in Great Britain and Ireland, in USA, Canada, Australia New of Zealand, partially in Southern Africa and India One of five official and working languages accepted ООН The English language conducts the beginning from language Old German племен, moved in V-VI centuries from continent in Britain The complex interaction Old German tribe`s of adverbs brought in Britain, occupied celtes tribes, and formation, developing in conditions, Englis
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    English language for technical colleges

    Гласный звук [i] При произнесении краткого гласного звука [i] кончик языка находится у основания нижних зубов: оттенок русского звука [и] в словах шить, шило практически совпадает с английским [i]: it, sit, in
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