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    Consequence of building the National Missile Defense

    The Bush administration states that given the growing ballistic missile industry in other countries and the current political role of the United States in the world, and especially after the attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States government has to prepare itself for attacks of any kind The claim is that the building of a National Missile Defense will provide more security to the people of the United States, and will in fact ensure the safety of every citizen of the United States within its territory (Handberg 13) But the proponents forget to take into account the dire consequences o
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    Constable, John

    Although he showed an early talent for art and began painting his native Suffolk scenery before he left school, his great originality matured slowly He committed himself to a career as an artist only in 1799, when he joined the Royal Academy Schools and it was not until 1829 that he was grudgingly made a full Academician, elected by a majority of only one vote In 1816 he became financially secure on the death of his father and married Maria Bicknell after a seven-year courtship and in the fact of strong opposition from her family During the 1820s he began to win recognition: The Hay Wain (Nat
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    Constellations of the star sky

    In dark, moonless and cloudless night in the sky the set of stars is visible It seems, difficultly to understand this majestic picture of the star sky about which our great compatriot M V Lomonosov (1711-1765) with inspiration wrote:
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    Constitutional Monarchy

    Britain is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch – Queen Elisabeth II as a head of state The British constitution, isn’t set out in a single document Instead it is made up of a combination of laws and conventions
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    Consumer behavior

    An important part of the marketing process is to understand why a customer or buyer makes a purchase Without such an understanding, businesses find it hard to respond to the customer’s needs and wants Marketing theory traditionally splits analysis of buyer or customer behaviour into two broad groups for analysis – Consumer Buyers and Industrial Buyers Consumer buyers are those who purchase items for their personal consumption Industrial buyers are those who purchase items on behalf of their business or organization
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    WHEREAS, (State X) is the sole owner of all natural resources within its territory and offshore areas and has the exclusive right to explore, develop, extract, exploit and utilize the natural resources there from; and
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    Control in management

    An important feature of the people-organization relationship is management control and power Control systems exist in all spheres of the operations of the organization and are necessary part of the process of management The manager needs to understand the nature of power and control in order to improve organizational performance Control is аn integral part of the process of management
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    Copley, John Singleton

    Copley, John Singleton (b July 3, 1738, Boston [Mass , U S ]--d Sept 9, 1815, London, Eng ) Generally considered the finest painter of colonial America, John Singleton Copley painted portraits and historical subjects His Boston portraits show a thorough knowledge of his New England models, and his talent as a draftsman and colorist produced pictures of aristocratic elegance and grace (emigrated to London in 1775)
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    Coronations in Westminster Abbey

    Coronation have taken place at Westminster since at least 1066, when William the Conqueror arrived in London after his victory at the battle of Hastings Whether or not Harold, his predecessor as monarch, had been crowned in Edward the Confessor’s Abbey is uncertain - coronations do not seem to have had a fixed location before 1066, though several monarchs were crowned at Kingston-upon-Thames, where the King’s Stone still exists - but William was determined to reinforce his victory, which gave him the right to rule by conquest, with the sacred hallowing of his sovereignty which the coronation
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    Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille

    At the age of 26 he abandoned a commercial career for art, and from the first showed a strong vocation for landscape painting He lived in Paris, but travelled about France making sketches from nature and from these he composed in his studio In addition to his journeys in France, he visited England, the Low Countries, Switzerland, and Italy three times (1825-28, 1834, and 1843) Throughout his life Corot found congenial the advice given to him by his teacher Achille-Etna Michallon `to reproduce as scrupulously as possible what I saw in front of me' On the other hand he never felt entirely at ho
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    Could This Happen Today?

    A month ago I red one of the most famous novels in the world literature, Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, which now has become one of my favorite books A stressful tale about one man’s attempt to escape the implication of a single terrible act of murder is actually hard to read, however not all the things in our life are going so well – there are also the bad edges of it: dreadfully realistic and tragedy like
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    Nature has always been a favourite theme for poets Storms and adventures on the sea have inspired them to write stirring verses Great forests have led them to write solemn songs Mountains and valleys, hills and meadows, too, have given them inspiration And, indeed, can you find anyone who would not be thrilled by the beauties of nature, who would not be stirred by the charms of shape, colour and motion?
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    Courbet, Gustave

    Courbet, Gustave (1819-77) The painter Courbet started and dominated the French movement toward realism Art critics and the public were accustomed to pretty pictures that made life look better than it was Courbet, against much opposition, truthfully portrayed ordinary places and people
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    Cranach, Lucas the Elder

    Cranach, Lucas the Elder (1472-1553) German painter He takes his name from the small town of Kronach in South Germany, where he was born, and very little is known of his life before about 1500-01, when he settled in Vienna and started working in the humanist circles associated with the newly founded university His stay in Vienna was brief (he left in 1504), but in his period there he painted some of his finest and most original works They include portraits, notably those of Johannes Cuspinian, a lecturer at the university, and his wife Anna (Reinhart Collection, Winterhur), and several religi
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    Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero

    PERSONNEL OF ORGANIZATIONS- aggregate of physical persons, being with organization as legal entity in relations, by the managed contract of найма, and possessing certain by high-quality descriptions (capabilities, motivation, business and personality internalss), allowing to provide achievement of aims
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