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    Charles Augustin de Coulomb

    Charles Augustin Coulomb's father was Henry Coulomb and his mother was Catherine Bajet Both his parents came from families which were well known in their fields His father's family were important in the legal profession and in the administration of the Languedoc region of France, and his mother's family were also quite wealthy After being brought up in Angoulême, the capital of Angoumois in southwestern France, Coulomb's family moved to Paris In Paris he entered the Collège Mazarin, where he received a good classical grounding in language, literature, and philosophy, and he received the best
  • Тип: Топик

    Charles Darwin

    Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England He was the fifth child and second son of Robert Waring Darwin and Susannah Wedgwood Darwin was the British naturalist who became famous for his theories of evolution and natural selection Like several scientists before him, Darwin believed all the life on earth evolved (developed gradually) over millions of years from a few common ancestors
  • Тип: Топик

    Chemical Weapons

    Chemical warfare is different from the use of conventional weapons or nuclear weapons because the destructive effects of chemical weapons are not primarily due to any explosive force Although rude chemical warfare has been employed in many parts of the world for thousands of years, «modern» chemical warfare began during World War I
  • Тип: Топик

    Children and Toxicomania

    Solvents are usually commercial products, like glue, nail polish remover, aerosols, gas lighter fuel and petrol, which give off a vapour When the vapour is inhaled, it can make you feel light-headed, happy, dizzy The effects can last up to an hour, depending on what, and how much was inhaled Solvents are depressant drugs
  • Тип: Топик

    Children porno

    AN EXPERT in child porno- graphy who lectured police and criminal prosecutors on how to protect children was jailed for seven years yesterday for subjecting three young girls to "systematic sexual abuse" Stephen King, 54, lived a double life, recommending appropriate sentences for paedophiles while at the same time carrying out sexual offences against the three girls
  • Тип: Реферат

    Children's and Youthful Criminality in the USA

    In 1956 г, in the USA left the book “Youthful criminality” under edition S Meklelana's Grant This book represents the collection of articles of the American authors who are engaged in research of a problem of children's and youthful criminality in its various aspects In the book opinions of responsible statesmen, lawyers, psychiatrists, sociologists, writers, teachers, parents and representatives of other groups of the population at a problem of criminality among minors in the USA are stated
  • Тип: Контрольная работа

    Children's theatres

    In the early years of Soviet power a new type of theatre was born in the country: the children's theatre At present over twenty million school-children attend performances at children's theatres annually
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    China is the one of the largest countries in the world The total area of the country is over million square kilometers As to population China is the first country in the world Over one thousand million peoples live in it It means that one out of every five people in the whole world is Chinese China is a great country, so only it has the man-made object which is visible from outer space - The Great Wall
  • Тип: Топик

    China's population

    China is a multinational country, with a population com­posed of a large number of ethnic and linguistic groups Almost all its inhabitants are of Mongoloid stock: thus, the basic classification of the population is not so much Han ethnic as linguistic The Han (Chinese), the largest group, (Chinese) outnumber the minority groups or minority nationalities in every province or autonomous region except Tibet and Sinkiang The Han therefore, form the great homoge­neous mass of the Chinese people, sharing the same cul­ture, the same traditions, and the same written language Some 55 minority groups a
  • Тип: Топик


    It is generally accepted that Chita was founded in 1653, though this date is being disputed nowadays The town was founded at the confluence of the Chita and the Ingoda rivers Its position on the way to the Pacific Ocean was profitable and favored the development of the town In the history of our country Chita was known as the centre of the former Far Eastern Republic The Chita Region was founded on the 26th of September, 1937 and Chita become its administrative centre Today Chita with its population of 379000 (1991) is a big administrative, industrial and cultural centre consisting of 4 distr
  • Тип: Топик

    Choosing a Career

    Choosing a career is like any other activity; it is best to work to a plan Too many people start looking for a specific job before thinking out their occupational aims It is a good idea to begin by attempting to define in clear terms what your requirements are from a career This involves taking a realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses You may think for example, that you would like a job, which involves organizing people, but liking such a job is not a sufficient reason if experience you already may have suggests that this is not your strong point On the other hand, you should remembe
  • Тип: Топик

    Choosing a career

    Everyone needs at least one profession in his life So when you begin spending sleepless nights thinking about a job and money, when you think longingly of the plans for the future it's no doubt about it you're ready to choose most suitable career for you
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    Choosing a career

    Everyone needs at least one profession in his life So when you begin spending sleepless nights thinking about a job and money, when you think longingly of the plans for the future it’s no doubt about it you’re ready to choose most suitable career for you
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    Choosing a career (на английском языке)

    When you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come It's not an easy task to make the right choice of a job I have known for a long time that leaving school is the beginning of my independent life, the beginning of a far more serious examination of my abilities and character
  • Тип: Топик

    Choosing the future profession

    The problem of choosing the future profession has always been very important The profession a person chooses in many ways determines his future life This is a universal problem of our epoch Every generation in this or that way comes across it For most people choosing a career is not an easy task It is one of the most important decisions one makes in life The properly chosen career makes a person happy and successful for the rest of his life
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