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    Cézanne, Paul

    French painter, one of the greatest of the Postimpressionists, whose works and ideas were influential in the aesthetic development of many 20th-century artists and art movements, especially Cubism Cézanne's art, misunderstood and discredited by the public during most of his life, grew out of Impressionism and eventually challenged all the conventional values of painting in the 19th century through its insistence on personal expression and on the integrity of the painting itself He has been called the father of modern painting
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    Cézanne, Paul: Cézanne early work

    Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) is certainly as great an artist as any that ever lived, up there with Titian, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt Like Manet and Degas, and also Morisot and Cassatt, he came from a wealthy family -- his was in Aix-en-Provence, France His banker father seems to have been an uncultivated man, of whom his highly nervous and inhibited son was afraid Despite parental displeasure, Cézanne persevered with his passionate desire to become an artist His early paintings display little of the majesty of his late work, though today they are rightfully awarded the respect that he certainly
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    Cézanne, Paul: From Impressionism to Classicism and Cubism

    Cézanne is not an easy man to love, but professors and painters adore him Art critics lavish him with superlatives, including "a prophet of the 20th century," "the most sensitive painter of his time," "the greatest artist of the 19th century," and "the father of modern art " But he's not quite a household name, and his posters have never been best-sellers at museum shops around the world In fact, most non-professionals wouldn't stand a chance of recognising a Cézanne unless it was clearly labelled Even then, there's no guarantee of appeal
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    Caillebotte, Gustave

    He was an engineer by profession, but also attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris He met Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Pierre Auguste Renoir in 1874 and helped organize the first impressionist exhibition in Paris that same year He participated in later shows and painted some 500 works in a more realistic style than that of his friends Caillebotte's most intriguing paintings are those of the broad, new Parisian boulevards The boulevards were painted from high vantage points and were populated with elegantly clad figures strolling with the expressionless intensity of somnambulists, as in B
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    California Los-Angeles. Places of interest

    California, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hills…have you ever heard these names? I am sure you have What are these places , where are they situated, what is their history? I am sure this question have at least onece stirred your curiosity In my work I’ve tried to cover all these most interesting questions, including history, places of interest their description and even parks’ entrance fees I hope my work will help you to get better acquainted with one of the most beautiful state of the USA – California and its one of the most gougeous cities – Los Angeles, or a City of Angels
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    The second oldest university after Oxford in the English-speaking world, founded in 1209 by a group of students and teachers, who had fled from Oxford after a conflict with the local population At Oxford and Cambridge form the so-called Oxbridge - the union of two of the most prestigious and oldest universities in England The first college in Cambridge opened in 1284 The most famous building in Cambridge - the Cathedral of the Royal College It was built almost a hundred years - since 1446, and became the greatest architectural structures The choir boys of the cathedral of the Royal College ev
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    John Cabot, an Italian sea captain in the pay of the British, discovered Canada in 1497, five years after Columbus discovered America He planted a huge cross on the shore and sailed home, with the news that he had reached north east China , the land of the Great Khan , and that the sea was full of fish
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    Canada is the second largest country in the world It covers the northern part of North America and its total area is 9,975,000 square kilometres Canada's only neighbour is the USA The border between the two countries is the longest unguarded border in the world
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    Canada and tourism

    Canada is the second biggest country in the World – it takes one week non-stop to drive across the country coast to coast Only parts of this huge territory are unhabited, as most Canadians live within 200 kilometers of the USA border
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    Canadian English

    English is the second most widely spoken language in the world It is the official language of The United Kingdom, Ireland, The United States, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and it is widely spoken in India It is the language of international business and science, of aviation and shipping As so many people speak English in so many countries, there are many different "Englishes" The best form of English is called Standard English and is the language of educated English speakers The government, The BBC, The Universities, uses it and it is often called Queen’s
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    Capitals of USA

    Until 1800 the United States of America had five "capitals" or meeting places of the Congress - Princeton, Annapolis, Trenton, New York and Philadelphia For various reasons, none of these cities offered an ideal seat of government for the new nation Southern states protested that they were all too far north After the Constitution was adopted, the establishment of a new city was considered President Washington pinpointed the exact location, and Congress passed a bill for a federal city and capital on July 17, 1790 The city of Washington was called just "The Federal City" It
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    Car Is An Ecological Disaster

    “According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, driving a car is the single most polluting thing that most of us do ” This is not a new problem In the 1950’s the Los Angeles smog made head-line news Car exhaust causes health problems There are many solutions to the problem
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    Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da

    Caravaggio (1573-1610) Probably the most revolutionary artist of his time, the Italian painter Caravaggio abandoned the rules that had guided a century of artists before him They had idealized the human and religious experience
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    Choosing a career is like any other activity; it is best to work to a plan Too many people start looking for a specific job before thinking out their occupational aims It is a good idea to begin by attempting to define in clear terms what your requirements are from a career This involves taking a “natural” view of your strengths and weaknesses You may think for example, that you would like a job, which involves organizing people, but liking such a job is not a sufficient reason, if experience, you already may have, suggests that this is not your strong point, trait On the other hand, you shou
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    Career in hotel industry

    1) The hotel apartments are the basic element of the placing service They are intended for the rest, sleeping and work of the guests In additional the placing service includes the service, which is done by the personal of the hotel These are reception and official registration of the guests, cleaning the rooms and others
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