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    Bread in our life

    Bread is more than just a food Just think of how the word is used: A person’s “bread and butter” is his or her main source of sustenance, while bread or dough can be cash, plain and simple When people “break bread” they share more than just a meal: They come together in body as well as spirit
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    Brief course on lexicology

    Diachronically it is a historical change in the semantic structure resulting in disappearance of some meanings or/and in new meanings being added to the ones already existing also in the rearrangement of these meanings in its semantic structure
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    Brighton Beach

    Many immigrants from the former USSR are great patriots of the United States, and these people sincerely love their new motherland But their feeling of America is of a little strange kind; it is like a love of a parasite worm to the body of its host
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    Britain is only a small country, but every part is different Scotland is a land of mountains, lakes and romantic castles The winters are cold, with plenty of snow, but the summers are often warm and sunny Deer live in the hills, and the rivers are full of salmon Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, is very beautiful The heart of the city is the castle, where the kings of Scotland lived for centuries Edinburgh has a busy cultural life Every year, in August, the International Festival takes place Musicians, actors and singers come from all over the world and thousands of visitors fill the city In the
  • Тип: Топик

    British Art, Theatre, Music

    There was little pictorial art in England until the great miniaturists of the Tudor epoch There were portraits on a large scale, but they were in the main, of foreign origin, notably Dutch like Holbein Then came Hogarth, the first great native painter born at the end of the 17th century, famous for both engravings and oil paintings, he was followed by Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) famous for his portraits
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    British Cuisine

    Some people criticize English food They say it's unimaginable, boring, tasteless, it's chips with everything and totally overcooked vegetables The basic ingredients, when fresh, are so full of flavour that British haven't had to invent sauces to disguise their natural taste What can compare with fresh pees or new potatoes just boiled and served with butter? Why drown spring lamb in wine or cream and spices, when with just one or two herbs it is absolutely delicious?
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    British education

    British education helps us to develop fully the abilities of individuals, for their own benefit and of society as a whole Compulsory schooling takes place between the agers of 5 and 16, but some pupils remain at shool for 2 years more, to prepare for further higher education Post shool education is organized flaxebly, to provide a wide range of opportunities for academic and vacational education and to continue studying through out life
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    British holidays

    One of them is, of course, New Year's Day on the first of January It is not so popular in England as in our country, but it is rather popular in Scotland On that day people usually visit their friends and there is a lot of dancing and eating In Scotland people bring a piece of coal for good luck in the New Year
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    British Homes

    There are 22 million homes in Britain — big homes and small homes, old cottages and new buildings, houses and flats (Americans say "apartment" but British people say "flat") Many British people love old houses and these are often more expensive than modern ones They also love gardening and you will see gardens everywhere you go: in towns, villages and out in the country
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    British Isles

    The British Isles haven't always been a separate part of Europe Long time ago Britain was a part of the European continent Then about ten thousand years ago during the end of the last Ice Age, when the climate grew warmer, new rivers and sees were formed Europe slowly moved into its present shape
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    British Literature

    One of the best known English playwrights was William Shakespeare He draw ideas for his tragedies and comedies from the history of England and ancient Rome Many experts consider Shakespeare the greatest writer and the greatest playwright in English language William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays which may be divided into: comedies (such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream"), tragedies (such as "Hamlet", "Othello", "King Lear", "Macbeth") and historical plays (such as "Richard II", "Henry V", "Julius Caesar", "Antony an
  • Тип: Контрольная работа

    British Monarchy

    1 British Monarchy: the role of the queen in modern society, the royal prerogatives and functions, the royal family, the main sources of income, principal ceremonials connected with royalty, royal residences, the perception of monarchy in society
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    Government: The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, with a queen and a Parliament that has two houses: the House of Lords, with 574 life peers, 92 hereditary peers, 26 bishops, and the House of Commons, which has 651 popularly elected members Supreme legislative power is vested in Parliament, which sits for five years unless sooner dissolved The House of Lords was stripped of most of its power in 1911, and now its main function is to revise legislation In Nov 1999 hundreds of hereditary peers were expelled in an effort to make the body more democratic The e
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    British painting in the 17-18th centuries (Британская живопись 17-18 вв.)

    It is usual to regard English painting as beginning with the Tudor period and for this are several reasons Yet the fact remains that painting was practised in England for many hundred years before the first Tudors came to the throne
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    British Parlament

    Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy This means that it has a monarch as its Head of the State The monarch reigns with the support of Parliament The powers of the monarch are not defined precisely Everything today is done in the Queen’s name It is her government, her armed forces, her law courts and so on She appoints all the Ministers, including the Prime Minister Everything is done however on the advice of the elected Government, and the monarch takes no part in the decision-making process
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