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    Bird Flu

    Bird flu is an infectious disease due to a type of influenza virus that is hosted by birds, but may infect several species of mammals It was first identified in Serbia Montenegro in the early 1900s and is now known to exist worldwide
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    Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal was the third of Étienne Pascal's children and his only son Blaise's mother died when he was only three years old In 1632 the Pascal family, Étienne and his four children, left Clermont and settled in Paris Blaise Pascal's father had unorthodox educational views and decided to teach his son himself Étienne Pascal decided that Blaise was not to study mathematics before the age of 15 and all mathematics texts were removed from their house Blaise however, his curiosity raised by this, started to work on geometry himself at the age of 12 He discovered that the sum of the angles of a
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    Blake, William

    "I do not behold the outward creation it is a hindrance and not action " Thus William Blake--painter, engraver, and poet--explained why his work was filled with religious visions rather than with subjects from everyday life Few people in his time realized that Blake expressed these visions with a talent that approached genius He lived in near poverty and died unrecognized Today, however, Blake is acclaimed one of England's great figures of art and literature and one of the most inspired and original painters of his time
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    Bonn, Madrid and Rome tourism

    The word “tourist” has appeared in English language in the beginning of the XIX century and in translation from English means: the man who makes trip for the sake of own pleasure or expansion of a cultural outlook
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    Except for a living man there is nothing more wonderful than books They teach us and open their hearts for us We learn many things by reading books They make the world much more larger for us They tell us how great and wonderful man is Books expand the boundaries of the familiar world for us
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    Books and libraries

    I usually take books from school library The library is helpful when I have to make a report, when I need information on some subjects The choice of books in our school library is very good There are many short stories and novels, textbooks and reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias there All books are arranged in alphabetical order I pay attention to the cover of the book, its illustrations, the name of the author, the title of the book and the contents
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    Books in my life

    A book is one of the greatest wonders of world Why are so many people fond of reading? The world of books is full of wonders Together with the characters of books you can find yourself in different and countries, have a lot of adventures The book is a faithful friend They form our values and characters We try to look like the characters of your favourite books: to be brave, honest, not to be silly and greedy, to be real friends We enjoyed the beauty and wisdom of fairy-tales and fables when we were babies and Granny read them They taught us to be kind, clever, hardworking, to understand other
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    Books in My Life

    Reading books is a very important role in the life of people It educates a person, enriches his intellect Books bring pleasure and delight I consider that books are with us during all our life When I was a child my parents read them to me, I was pleased to listen to the stories and tales I have learned a lot of interesting things from books since then Now I like to read books on science I am keen on reading the great variety of encyclopedias, reference books, technical magazines, etc
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    Books in our life

    “Books and friends should be few but good”, says an English proverb “Except a living man there is nothing more wonderful than a book! They teach us and open their hearts to us as brothers”, wrote Charles Kingsley, an English writer of the 19th century The book is certainly one of the greatest inventions of man It is a friend and a teacher We learn many things by reading books Books teach people to live After reading some books it is easy to understand what should be done and what must not be done One can learn a lot by reading books
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    Books in Our Life

    Books I think that we can't live without them I consider that books are with us during all our life When I was a child my parents read them to me I was pleased to listen to the stories and tales I learned a lot of interesting things from books I remember, I liked thick books
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    Boris Godunov

    Boris Godunov (about 1552 – 1605) was the Russian tsar since 1598; came to power in the time of “oprichnina”; was the tsar Fedor Ivanovich’s wife’s brother and actually rulled the state instead of him.
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    Bosch, Hieronymus

    At the time of his death, Bosch was internationally celebrated as an eccentric painter of religious visions who dealt in particular with the torments of hell During his lifetime Bosch's works were in the inventories of noble families of the Netherlands, Austria, and Spain, and they were imitated in a number of paintings and prints throughout the 16th century, especially in the works of Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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    Bosch, Hieronymus: The Temptation of St Anthony

    Bosch's spiritual heroes were the saints who endured both physical and mental torment, yet remained steadfast Among the saints, Bosch's favorite was Saint Anthony, the subject of his triptych The Temptation of Saint Anthony (c 1500; Museo National de Arte Antiga, Lisbon), which features physical punishment on the left wing, a Black Mass in the center, and the blandishments of food and sex on the right wing St Anthony's triumph over such trials is mirrored by those of other hermit saints and by the Passion of Christ, whose arrest and carrying of the cross adorn the exterior of the Lisbon altar
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    Botticelli, Sandro

    Original name ALESSANDRO DI MARIANO FILIPEPI (b 1445, Florence [Italy]--d May 17, 1510, Florence), Florentine early Renaissance painter whose Birth of Venus (c 1485) and Primavera (1477-78) are often said to epitomize for modern viewers the spirit of the Renaissance His ecclesiastical commissions included work for all the major churches of Florence and for the Sistine Chapel in Rome His name is derived from his elder brother Giovanni, a pawnbroker, who was called Il Botticello ("The Little Barrel")
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    Boucher, François

    Boucher, the son of a designer of lace, was born in Paris He studied with the painter François Le Moyne but was most influenced by the delicate style of his contemporary Antoine Watteau In 1723 Boucher won the Prix de Rome; he studied in Rome from 1727 to 1731 After his return to France, he created hundreds of paintings, decorative boudoir panels, tapestry designs, theater designs, and book illustrations He became a faculty member of the Royal Academy in 1734 He designed for the Beauvais tapestry works and in 1755 became director of the Gobelins tapestries In 1765 he was made first painter to
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