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    Your Health and You

    Perhaps everyone has ever asked himself a question: 'Is my lifestyle healthy?' If you ask 100 people the most popular answer is most likely to be 'No' Besides health freaks that want to live to be a hundred noone does much to improve their health or at least not to harm it I must confess that I do nothing about my health
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    Your pastime and hobby

    Hobby is what a person likes to do in his spare time Hobbies differ like tastes If you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky because your life becomes more interesting The most popular hobby is doing things It includes a wide variety of activities from gardening to traveling, from chess to volleyball Both grown-ups and children are fond of playing different computer games This hobby is becoming more and more popular Making things include drawing, painting, handicrafts Many people collect something - coins, stamps, compact discs, toys, books Some collections h
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    Youth Drinking: Risk Factors and Consequences

    Despite a minimum legal drinking age of 21, many young people in the United States consume alcohol Some abuse alcohol by drinking frequently or by binge drinking--often defined as having five or more drinks* in a row A minority of youth may meet the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) criteria for alcohol dependence (1,2) The progression of drinking from use to abuse to dependence is associated with biological and psychosocial factors This Alcohol Alert examines some of these factors that put youth at risk for drinking and for alcohol-related problems
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    Youth organizations in Great Britain

    There are about 60 youth organizations in Great Britain All youth organizations can be divided into three large groups: 1 non-political organizations; 2 youth organizations associated with political parties; 3 youth organizations controlled by religious bodies
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    Youth problems

    Young people have as many problems as the grown-ups It is possible to solve some problems but sometimes we can not solve this or that problem The first problem is to choose a good friend I know the proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed " I agree with it, that's why I try to make friends with gay and true persons
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    Youth problems

    But now, as official reporta admit, violence, AIDS, drugs and alcohol are more and more associated with youngerst For many children from poor families violence, drinking problems and all that is associated with poverty becomes more real than reality
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    Youth Problems

    One of the actual youth problems is hardness to get an education A lot of young people think that education is inaccessible because of lack of money They would like to get a high education, but it could be very difficult to enter the university or very expensive
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    Youth's Problems

    To some observers, teens today may seem spoiled (undisciplined and egocentric) compared to those of earlier times The reality, however, is different While poverty has decreased and political turmoil has lessened, young people are still under many types of stress Peer pressure, changing family conditions, mobility of families and unemployment are just a few reasons why some young people may try to escape reality by turning to alcohol or drugs However, most young people in the United States do not have problems with drinking, drug abuse, teen pregnancies or juvenile delinquency Drug use (mariju
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    Yuri Gagarin (1934-68)

    Yura was an active, brave and curious boy His father was jack of all trades and he helped his son when Yura made toy planes by hand But the war began Yuri Gagarin and his mother, father, brother and sister left their house and had to live in a dug-out
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    Yuri Gagarin — a Modern Columbus

    April 12, 1961 will never be forgotten On that day Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin was launched into space He circled the globe in the spaceship "Vostok" for 108 minutes Gagarin was taking an enormous risk, because at that time nobody knew how a human being would stand up to space flight Before Yuri Gagarin was launched into outer space he met the people who had prepared the rocket He thanked them for their work and said he would do everything he could to make his flight successful Yuri was in great spirits The cosmonauts spent the evening at a cottage which is now called the Yuri Gagarin
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    Zaporozhye: The city in which I live

    My native city is the city of Zaporozhye It is very dear to me, because I was born here Zaporozhye is situated in the south of Ukraine It's territory stretches for about 50 square kilometres The city is divided into two parts by the river Dnieper The population of Zaporozhye is approximately 900 thousand people Our city is then 225 years old Primary it was a town of Alexandrovsk But when the Dnieper HydroElectric Power Station the Dneproges was built here it was renamed And since that time on the Dneproges is one of the places of interest of our city By the way there are not so many places of
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    Zivilprozes in der BRD

    Den verschiedenen Gebieten des materiellen Rechts (z B bürgerliches Recht, Strafrecht, Verwaltungsrecht, Steuerrecht) sind entsprechende Gebiete des Verfahrensrechts zugeordnet Zum bürgerlichen Recht gehört als Verfahrensrecht das Zivilprozeßrecht
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    Zur Organisation der Gerichte in der BRD

    Ordentliche Gerichte in der BBD sind die Amtsgerichte, die Landgerichte, die Oberlandesgerichte und der Bundesgerichtshof Das unterste Gericht ist das Amtsgericht Es ist ein erstinstanzliches Gericht Das Amtsgericht entscheidet über vermögensrechtliche Streitigkeiten bis zu 3000,- DM Streitwert Außerdem sind die Amtsgerichte ohne Rücksicht auf den Streitwert für einige besonders eilige Rechtsstreitigkeiten zuständig In den bürgerlichen Rechtsstreitigkeiten wird das Amtsgericht nur durch den Einzelrichter tätig
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    Zurbaran, Francisco de

    Zurbaran, Francisco de (b 1598, Fuente de Cantos, d 1664, Madrid) Spanish painter, born at Fuente de Cantos and active mainly in Seville He trained there 1614-17 and after a period at Llerena near his birthplace returned in 1629 as town painter In 1634-35 he was in Madrid working for Philip IV on a series of ten pictures on The Labors of Hercules and a large historical scene, The Defense of Cadiz (all now in the Prado, Madrid), but apart from these pictures, a few portraits, and some masterly still lifes, he devoted himself almost entirely to religious works He worked for churches and monaste
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    Zusammenspiel der Realiatete als eines der Hauptprinzipien des Sujetaufbaus im Roman Stiller von Max Frisch

    Das Anliegen der vorliegenden Forschungsarbeit besteht darin, das Phaenomen des Zusammenspiels der Textrealitaeten im Roman "Stiller" zu erlaeutern Der Roman zeichnet sich durch komplizierten Aufbau, Fehlen der einheitlichen Erzaehlperspektive aus, was die Rezeption des Werkes fuer den Leser zu keiner einfachen Aufgabe macht
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