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    Why do we learn English language?

    I learn English because I want to read foreign literature in the original I know and like such English and American writers as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and others I understand that I must learn English If I know English well, I’ll be able to go to the library and take books by English and American writers in the original
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    Why I study English

    For Europeans of reasoning of English and fixing after him of status of international are not small talks Many questions still remain opened How indeed modern English is optimum mean for intercourse of people of different nationalities? Or does he become the threat to the variety of national cultures and languages? Are there another ways (languages) of intercourse in world association?
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    Why the crystal structure of the element is such lattice but not another?

    The literature generally describes a metallic bond as the one formed by means of mutual bonds between atoms' exterior electrons and not possessing the directional properties However, attempts have been made to explain directional metallic bonds, as a specific crystal metallic lattice Why the crystal structure of the element is such lattice but not another?How much electrons are placed in zone conductivity from one the atom of lattice?
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    Why was Washington made the capital of the United States?

    In the end it was decided to build a new city In 1791 George Washington, the first president, chose the place where the city now stands The land round the city was called the District of Colombia, after Christopher Columbus; and the city on it was named Washington, in honour of the country’s first president
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    Will Russia be a Rising State a Great Failure?

    The collapse of the Soviet Union lead to creation of the New Independent Republic World politics dramatically changed in 1991 when Communism ended in Eastern Europe and Russia These republics are trying to rebuild their economies and find the way toward the democratic regimes The largest country in the post-Soviet borders Russia has inherited a legacy of the Soviet Union Many features influence the Russian society and economy which are Russian media, Russia-US relations and the problems Russia faces in its transition to the democratic society with a market economy
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    William Blake

    His family background was obscure We don't even know his mother's name But he showed a talent for drawing early and at 14 he became apprentice to an engraver When he was 21 he became an engraver on his own account and later married a girl called Catherine who learnt to draw and paint so that she could work together with him
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    William Makepeace Thackeray

    Thackeray, an only child, was born in Calcutta, India, where his father, Richmond Thackeray (1 September 1781 – 13 September 1815), held the high rank of secretary to the board of revenue in the British East India Company Richmond Thackeray, born at South Mimms, went to India at the age of sixteen to assume his duties as writer By 1804 he had fathered a daughter by a native mistress, the mother and daughter being named in his will Such liaisons being common among gentlemen of the East India Company, it formed no bar to his courting and marrying Anne Becher Anne Becher (1792–1864) was the seco
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    William Shakeseare

    Although the amount of factual knowledge available about Shakespeare is surprisingly large for one of his station in life, many find it a little disappointing, for it is mostly gleaned from documents of an official character Dates of baptisms, marriages, deaths, and burials; wills, conveyances, legal processes, and payments by the court--these are the dusty details There are, however, a fair number of contemporary allusions to him as a writer, and these add a reasonable amount of flesh and blood to the biographical skeleton
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    William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Shakespeare was born on the 23rd of April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon Father of William Shakespeare, John Shakespeare, was a merchant He sold leather gloves and was rather successful He was even going to be become the Head of Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare got his education at local grammar school There he studied English, Latin, and Greek Actors often came to Stratford-upon-Avon S often admired their performances When William Shakespeare was 18, he married Ann Heathaway He had three children: Susan and twins Judith and Hamlet After some years Shakespeare had to go to Lond
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    William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare is the greatest of all playwrights and poets of all times Not much is known of his life He was probably the son of a businessman and was born in 1564 in Stradford-upon-Avon He probably attended the local grammar school and got a classical education In 1582 he married Anne Hathaway and had 3 children Little is known of his life before 1592, when he appeared as a playwright in London Soon he became an actor playing supporting roles like the ghost in "Hamlet" In 1599 Shakespeare became a part owner of the Globe Theatre in London
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    William Shakespeare \english\

    William Shakespeare was born in 1564, in Stratford-upon-Avon Located in the centre of England, the town was (and still is) an important river-crossing settlement and market centre The register of Stratford’s Holy Trinity Church records Shakespeare’s baptism on 26 April He is traditionally said to have been born on 23 April
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    William Wordsworth

    William Wordsworth (April 7, 1770 – April 23, 1850) was a major English romantic poet who, with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, helped launch the Romantic Age in English literature with their 1798 joint publication, Lyrical Ballads
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    Winning a Fortune \english\

     Очень много книг написано в нашем веке о специфике женского мировоззрения, о женской психологии и женской эротике. Очень мало о мужчинах. И эти немногочисленные работы оставляют впечатление весьма неутешительное.
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    Wireless connectivity

    Traditional networking technologies offer tremendous capabilities from an office or home via the Web But, limitations to networking through the use of wired-based systems exist because you cannot utilize these network services unless you are physically connected to the system As mobile computing becomes more prevalent, systems and applications must deal with scarcity of resources such as bandwidth Mobile devices and wireless workstations should handle some of the work that has been traditionally carried-out by the network through techniques such as document partitioning Dynamic documents can
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    WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction

    [All the] historically created designs for living, explicit and implicit, rational, irrational, and nonrational, which exist at any given time as potential guides for the behavior of man (Kluckhohn & Kelly, 1945)
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