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    What factor, more than any other, caused me to apply to Molloy College?

    In looking for a place to transfer from a two- year college, I visited a great deal of universities in New York City and on Long Island I was very impressed with the schools I saw, however, the college that I like the most and where I hope to be enrolled is Molloy College This school has something that big universities do not: an atmosphere of warmth and friendship Its cozy and comfortable campus makes me feel at home, and I do not want to look for anything else A welcoming atmosphere in combination with a reasonable tuition and convenient location would be enough to make me apply to Molloy,
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    What I dislike in my school

    What concerns my school the pupils are not free in their choice of the subjects And they are forced to study the subjects they are not interested in and it takes them too much time to learn the subjects unnecessary for their future life They could spend this time working on the subjects which will be needed for their future profession
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    What is better watching sports or participating in sports?

    Nowadays sport and recreation have become an important feature in the people's life But tastes differ and different people have different attitudes to sport and recreation Some people prefer to watch different sports events, others choose to participate in them actively Watching other people playing is a popular leisure activity Large crowds attend numerous national and international occasions; millions watch them on television
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    What is computer virus

    A virus is a piece of software designed and written to adversely affect your computer by altering the way it works without your knowledge or permission In more technical terms, a virus is a segment of program code that implants itself to one of your executable files and spreads systematically from one file to another Computer viruses do not spontaneously generate: They must be written and have a specific purpose Usually a virus has two distinct functions:
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    What is E-Commerce?

    To some people it means shopping at a website and buying products online, to other people it means just designing a web page in a way to increase the customers' interest It does not necessarily describe a process of ordering and paying online
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    What is energy \english\

    Everything in the universe is either energy or matter For us humans, energy is the means for doing work Picking up a book, watching TV or launching a Space Shuttle all needs energy Without it there would be no life, for all life uses energy
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    What is Fashion

    Every day, people wake up and wonder what they are going to wear The suit and tie? The fast-food smock? Do we ever really think about why we go to all this trouble, or are we clueless? Why does fashion exist?
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    What is Temperature?

    It is easy to demonstrate that when two objectsof the same material are placed together (physicists say when they are put in thermal contact), the object with the higher temperature cools while the cooler object becomes warmer until a point is reached after which no more change occurs, and to our senses, they feel the same When the thermal changes have stopped, we say that the two objects (physicists define them more rigorously as systems) are in thermal equilibrium We can then define the temperature of the system by saying that the temperature is that quantity which is the same for both syst
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    What strategy are most effective in the conditions of globalization

    Every day the world economy becomes more and more global This tendency hasn't avoided also Ukraine Many domestic companies have already felt on themselves negative consequences of this process: the competition amplifies, risks become more various including from the point of view of consequences, requirements to skills and knowledge of the personnel constantly grow However to consider the international character of a business activity it would be exclusive through a prism of negative events incorrectly New conditions of business dealing is first of all new possibilities To use them to the full
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    What type of toys do the kids prefer nowadays?

    The survey was carried on the 19th of October 2003 in Narva Humanitaargümnaasium among the students aged 7-14, from 1st to 6th forms The ratio of female and male was 3 to 2 The aim of this research work was to get to know the preferences of our children in toys
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    What will be there in my new flat

    Every young man wants to live independently And I’m not an exception Of course, the time will come, when I will alone in my flat I wait for this moment and imagine, that my new flat will be at least three roomed There will be a study, a bed-room, a dinning-room Of course, there also will be a kitchen and a bathroom The dinning- room will be big comfortable room with big table in the center There also will be several armchairs, and a big TV set in it In this room I shall receive guests I also shall put a piano in the one of corners of the room and shall start taking piano lessons cause I like
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    Which languages are the hardest to learn?

    It depends on whether we're talking about a first or second language Children acquire their native language effortlessly, regardless of the language Learning another language later on, however, is a different matter Some languages do have far more complicated word-building rules than others, and others have far more complex sound patterns or sentence structures But despite differences in individual areas of a language, researchers have not found any one language or group of languages to be clearly more difficult or complicated in all areas
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    Whiskey [whiskey] [from the Gaelic for "water of life" ], spirituous liquor distilled from a fermented mash of grains, usually rye, barley, oats, wheat, or corn Inferior whiskeys are made from potatoes, beets, and other roots
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    Whistler, James Abbott McNeill

    James Abbott McNeill Whistler was born in in 1834 in Lowell, Massachusetts, the third son of West Point graduate and civil engineer Major George Washington Whistler, and his second wife Anna Matilda McNeill After brief stays in Stonington, Connecticut, and Springfield, Massachusetts, the Whistlers moved to St Petersburg, Russia, where the Major served as an civil engineer for the construction of a railroad line to Moscow James Abbott was aged nine when his family moved to Russia, and he spent several of his childhood years there, studying drawing at the Imperial Academy of Science
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    White House USA Washington

    The building, constructed of Virginia freestone, is of simple and stately design The porte-cochere on the north front, which forms the main entrance, is a portico of high Ionic columns reaching from the ground to the roof pediment; it is balanced by a semicircular colonnaded balcony on the south with a second-floor porch, completed in 1948
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