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    UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) It was founded on 16 November 1945 Education, Social and Natural Science, Culture and Communication are the means to a far more ambitious goal: to build peace in the minds of men
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    Uni ja unenaod (estonii)

    ,,Unenägu on oraakel, mille poole kõik need rahvad pöörduvad ja mida nad kuulavad; on prohvet, kes ennustab neile tuleviku sündmusi, K assandra (Troojd kuninga Priamose tütar, ennustaja), kes hoiatab neid õnnetuste eest, mis neid ähvardavad, harilik arst nende haigustes
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    Unidentified Flying Objects

    The famous Roswell catastrophe fell on the 2nd of July in 1947 It was a foul weather The first thing which Breisel picked up from the land strokes him Thin scrap, probably metal, but weightless at all You can tread and bend it as you like but it receives the first form at once On the black metal sheet Breisel disclosed somewhat as a hieroglyph Perplexed farmer began to find things with enigmatic inscriptions among the broken pieces The things were not few, one is rosy, and another is red Sometimes inscriptions were drowning up like pillars as numerals for joining Having loaded the jeep with b
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    United Kingdom of Great Britain

    The UK is a land made up of many regions, each with a special character and cultural heritage There are non-stop cities; festivals of music, theatre, literature and the arts; and regional countryside with rolling hills, dramatic cliffs, ancient forests, rugged mountains and tranquil lakes There are also wonderful islands to visit including the extraordinary range of the Scottish Islands, the Isle of Man, Anglesey, the Scilly Isles, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands They have different traditional cultures, delightful scenery and offer many habitats for wildlife
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    United Kingdom: Geographical Position

    The official name of the country we usually call England and occasionally Great Britain is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The U K is situated on the group of islands lying just off the mainland of north-western Europe The British Isles include Great Britain proper, Ireland and a number of smaller islands Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales The southern part of Ireland is the Republic of Eire
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    United states of America: geography, history, culture

    The U S is divided into 50 states and 1 district Most of the States in central North America, The total area is more than 9 and a half million sq km The world’s 3rd largest country Three land borders: 2 with Canada and 1 with Mexico The United States shares land borders with Canada (to the north) and Mexico (to the south), and a territorial water border with Russia in the northwest The contiguous forty-eight states are otherwise bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the southeast Alaska borders the Pacific Ocean to the south, the B
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    University Computer center

    9 At the center there are seven departments Internet center; Computer publishing and systems; Automatic control systems; Management of locally oriented computer systems; Mini and microcomputers laboratory; The laboratory of quantum chemistry; Software laboratory
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    University Education

    There are 44 universities (not counting the Open University) in Britain Although the Goverment is responsible for providing about 80 per cent of universities income it does not control their work or teaching nor does it have direct dealings with the universities The grants are distributed by the Secretary of State for Education and Science
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    Uranium enrichment

    There is one element that occurs in nature that has been the raw material for nuclear bombs: uranium, chemical symbol U Uranium occurs in nature as a mixture of three different isotopes – that is, three different atomic weights that have virtually the same chemical properties, but different nuclear properties These isotopes are U-234, U-235, and U-238 The first is a highly radioactive trace component found in natural uranium, but it is not useful in any applications; the second isotope is the only fissile material that occurs in nature in significant quantities, and the third is the most plen
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    Uranus and Neptune

    Perhaps because of a collision with a large object long ago, Uranus orbits at an extreme tilt of 98 degrees -- sort of on its side This causes one pole to point toward the sun for decades, giving the planet strange seasons
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    Urbanization and Urban Issues

    Order can be easily found in physics or mathematics or any other science where basics are precisely defined, but it becomes much harder task to identify any order in a science where basics are blurry History suggests that there were greater number scientists discovering laws of nature as oppose to laws of social behavior It is probably coming from a notion that people tend to discover more obvious stuff in stead of theoretical If we look at the way of living at the beginning of science we can surely say that it was more rural type of living than urban It means simple fact that people did not i
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    Ein Urteil muß stets in vollständiger Form abgefaßt werden Es enthält im einzelnen: die Eingangsformel „Im Narnen des Volkes"; den Urteilskopf (Rubrum); den Tatbestand, also die Darstellung der erhobenen Ansprüche; Anträge in kurzer Form; die Entscheidungsgründe, auf denen die Entscheidung des Gerichts in tatsächlicher und rechtlicher Hinsicht beruht; die Unterschrift der Richter
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    USA holidays

    The population of the USA is made up of people of different nationalities Centuries ago they brought with them their native celebrations Some holidays which are marked in the US originated in America There is no provision for national holidays in the USA The number of holiday is different in different states – from 8 in the District of Columbia to 20 in Oklahoma
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    USA on attack

    On Tuesday, hijackers crashed two passenger jets into the World Trade Center in New York City, toppling the 110-story twin towers and killing all aboard the jets and an unknown number on the ground and in the building
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    USA weather forecast

    Early spring brings in the snow, possibly in record-setting amounts only to thaw and create flooding miseries that the 'mud' season can bring up north in New England Mid April - mid May will see more precipitation, a sunny period then a cold spell Mid-May eases out of the cold spell only to be into windy conditions with occasional downpours Typical spring weather but with more oomph to it this year
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