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    The weather in Great Britain

    It is never too hot or too cold m Great Britain This is because of the sea, which keeps the island warm in winter and makes the air cool in summer The winds are also very often in Great Britain They blow from the south-west two days out of every three But the warm winds from the Atlantic are very wet They also bring a lot of rain to the island The east or north-east winds are cold and dry
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    The Welsh language

    The Welsh language, like most of the languages of Europe, and many of those of Asia, has evolved from what linguists term Indo-European Indo-European was spoken about 6000 years ago (4000 BC) by a seminomadic people who lived in the steppe region of Southern Russia Speakers of the languages migrated eastwards and westwards; they had reached the Danube valley by 3500 BC and India by 2000 BC The dialects of Indo-European became much differentiated, chiefly because of migration, and evolved into separate languages So great was the variety among them that it was not until 1786 that the idea was p
  • Тип: Реферат

    The Workplace Ergonomics Program /Eng./

    This document contains the information needed to carry out an ergonomics program Specifically, it provides information on the goal, objectives, and principles of the program and the responsibilities of staff, management, support offices, and service unit ergonomics teams for the program
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    There are more than 13 theatres in our city They show dramas, tragedies, and comedies To tell you the truth I’m a great theatre lover I try to see the most interesting performances in our greatest theatres like Alexandrinsky theatre As a rule I go to the evening performances (usually they begin at 7 p m ) It is rather difficult for me to book the tickets beforehand because the performances are very famous Sometimes we come to the theatre and see the sign “House full”, but there are many people standing near and asking for the extra-tickets I usually go there with my friends or parents So we l
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    We go to the theatre to see a play, that is to say, a performance given by actors and actresses A play of a serious character, dealing with important human problems is called a tragedy A play of a humorous, lighter character is a comedy (or a farce) Dramatists are called playwrights nowadays and there are no longer such great dramatists as Shakespeare or G B Show
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    Theatre concept in the semantic space of W.S.Maugham’s Theatre

    The cognitive linguistics is the foundation for the new accents in the comprehension of language These accents give some opportunities for the study of the interaction between human mind and cognitive processes The cognitive linguistics is the separate direction of the linguistics that is characterized by the language as the general cognitive mechanism and cognitive instrument located in the center of the science The central problem of the cognitive linguistics is represented by the construction of the model of the language communication as the base for the exchange of knowledge [24; 32]
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    Theatre in Great Britain

    The centre of theatrical activity in Britain is London There are some 48 principal theatres in or near the West End and some 8 in the suburbs Most of the theatres are let to producing managements on a commercial basis but some are occupied by important subsided companies, including the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Companies
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    Theatre, Music and Cinema

    A theatre consists of two parts: the stage and the hall They are separated by a curtain and the orchestra Actors and actresses perform on the stage and public the hall, the pit, the dress-circles, the boxes and the gallery
  • Тип: Курсовая работа

    Theodore Dreiser’s novel “An American tragedy”

    The writer provides a third approach to this all absorbing social-biological problem of Clyde Griffiths is totally lacking in either the artistic gifts (of Witla) or the strong personality of Cowper wood He is more like Carrie and Jennie in that his attitude toward life is passive; but he lacks their inner poise From start to finish of his short career he is a victim of the social and biological forces which operate upon him His instinct for fulfillment is not only thwarted by the forces without himself; his inner weakness makes even the development of a Carrie or a Jennie impossible Thus, by
  • Тип: Реферат

    Theoretical and methodological aspects of translation

    Translation as a notion is a polysemantic nature It may imply the process of conveying the meaning of a word, word- group or sentence/ text from one language into another and also the result of the conveying “Translation” may also denote the subject taught at school
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    Theories of European Integration

    For many years, the academic study of the European Communities (EC), as they were then called, was virtually synonymous with the study of European integration The initially modest and largely technocratic achievements of the EC seemed less significant than the potential that they represented for the gradual integration of the countries of western Europe into something else: a supranational polity When the integration process was going well, as during the 1950s and early 1960s, neo-functionalists and other theorists sought to explain the process whereby European integration proceeded from modes
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    There is No Place Like Home

    It's needless to say that travelling tops the list of means of spending free time during vacations Why? There can be many reasons starting with broadening one's horizons and ending with psychological treatment Travelling means getting away from your dirty crowded city, escaping from the boring routine and watching impressive, fascinating, spectacular, incredible, fantastic and simply amazing sceneries, pieces of architecture, well, perhaps in another dirty and crowded city
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    There is nothing like traveling to my native planet Mars

    My native planet is Mars Apropos it is the first conquered by people planet of the Solar System In 2019 a man arrived the Mars at the first time It was a great achievement of science and technologies Since that time the mastering of this planet began Great successes in science made possible to fully provide people with energy (miraculous solar batteries with great power were invented) and with free breathing on the surface of Mars (not so long ago people presented for Mars a beautiful atmosphere, which is like Earth’s one)
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    There is Nothing LikeVisiting Narva

    Last month I went to Narva with excursion And I like it very much The town is located in Northern Estonia, on the border between Estonia and Russia, 200 km from Tallinn and 150 km from St Petersburg Like every town has its own face which sets it apart from all other places, as for me, Narva differs from others for its beauty and cleanliness
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    This US unilateral policy

    It is impossible to discuss a future role of the United States of America in the world without understanding the global processes that have been taken place in the world over the last several years September 11, without doubt, was a break point event in these processes First, it showed people a danger of an international terrorism Second, the event brought about a confrontation between two different viewpoints on the development of world politics On the one hand, politicians from many countries believe that any active actions to preserve world order must be organized only by United Nations On
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