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    The Language of Narrative Writing

    The present paper explores the peculiarities of narrative writing from the view point of its structure, functions and types Narration is an act of telling a story It is not just telling a story, but it is also telling a story of a sequence of real or fictional events - which seems to be a more natural activity for most people than, say, giving directions or describing a scene Narration is the kind of writing that answers the question, “What happened?” The expression “narrative writing" covers an enormous territory Narratives vary in length from a few sentences to long stories Some narrati
  • Тип: Реферат

    The Life and Times of Shakespeare

    Any discussion of Shakespeare's life is bound to be loaded with superlatives In the course of a quarter century, Shakespeare wrote some thirty-eight plays Taken individually, several of them are among the world's finest written works; taken collectively, they establish Shakespeare as the foremost literary talent of his own Elizabethan Age and, even more impressively, as a genius whose creative achievement has never been surpassed in any age
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    The magnificent seven

    1 In September 1944 London was bombarded by the world's first ballistic missile, V2, "Vengeance Weapon No 2" It did not make the slightest deflection in the course of the World War II, however gave an impetus to brainwork of American and Soviet rocketeers
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    The main fault of The 70s or the years of “might-have-been hopes”

    The great accumulated experience in creating computers, the profound comparison of our domestic achievements with the new examples of foreign computer technique prompted the scientists that it is possible to create the computing means of new generation meeting the world standards Of that opinion were many outstanding Ukrainian scientists of that time - Lebedev, Dorodnitsin, Glushkov and others They proceeded from quite a favorable situation in the country
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    The main variants of the English language

    It is natural that the English language is not used with uniformity in the British Isles and in Australia, in the USA and -in New Zealand, in Canada and in India, etc The English language also has some peculiarities in Wales, Scotland, in other parts of the British Isles and America Is the nature of these varieties the same?
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    The making of the collection

    Although visited now by thousands of people the Museum traditionally retains the old name of the Hermitage attached to it in the 1760’s and meaning «a hermit’s dwelling», or «a solitary place» The name is due to the fact that the Hermitage was founded as a palace museum accessible only to the nearest of the near to the court
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    The map of England

    The British Isles are situated to the west of the continent of Europe The British Isles consist of two large islands-Great Britain and Ireland - and a number of small ones The island of Great Britain together with the small islands around it and the north-eastern part of Ireland constitute the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that is more often called Great Britain or just England
  • Тип: Реферат

    The marking of the Russian Revolution

    ОN 4 JАNUАRY 1905, wоrkеrs аt thе gіаnt Putіlоv еngіnееrіng fаctоry іn St Pеtеrsburg struck іn dеfеncе оf fоur sаckеd cоllеаguеs Stіflеd аnd оpprеssеd fоr yеаrs by hаrsh wоrkіng cоndіtіоns аnd thе rеgіmе’s sеcrеt pоlіcе, thе wоrkеrs аt Putіlоv nоw tаstеd frееdоm Thеy bеgаn tо dіscuss оthеr іmpоrtаnt mаttеrs Mоst prеssіngly, thеy bеgаn tо dеmаnd а rеductіоn іn thе hоurs оf wоrk, аnd іmprоvеmеnts іn sаnіtаry cоndіtіоns аnd hеаlth trеаtmеnt Vіsіtіng оthеr Pеtеrsburg fаctоrіеs tо wіn suppоrt fоr thеіr аctіоn, thеy spаrkеd оff mоrе dіscussіоn: thrоughоut St-Pеtеrsburg wоrkеrs bеgаn аngrіly tо, аіr
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    The Marx’s class

    А dіscussіоn оf thе pоlіtіcаl prоblеms оf prоlеtаrіаn rеvоlutіоn sоmе clаrіfіcаtіоn оn а numbеr оf pоіnts іn Mаrx’s sоcіаl thеоry Thе fоllоwіng summаry cоvеrs а numbеr оf cоntrоvеrsіаl quеstіоns by stаtіng Mаrx’s vіеw
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    The mathematical sciences

    Rapid growth in the nature and applications of mathematics means that the Newtonian core - calculus, analysis, and differential equations - is now just one part of a more diverse mathematical landscape Yet most scientists have explored only this original territory, because that is all that was included in their curriculum in high school, college, and graduate school With the exception of statistics, an old science widely used across all disciplines that has become largely mathematical during the 20th century, the narrow Newtonian legacy of analysis is the principal connection between practici
  • Тип: Топик

    The Medieval Tower: A refuge and a base for royal power

    When Richard the Lionheart (1189-99) came to the throne he departed on a crusade to the Holy Land leaving his Chancellor, William Longchamp, Bishop of Ely, in charge of the kingdom Longchamp soon embarked on an enlargement and strengthening of the Tower of London, the first of a series of building campaigns which by about 1350 had created the basic form of the great fortress that we know today The justification for the vast expenditure and effort this involved was the political instability of the kingdom and the Crown’s continuing need for an impregnable fortress in the City of London
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    The most radical feminism

    Radical feminism was a comparatively new arrival in Australia and many women in the Women’s Liberation Movement were not radical feminists – they were just women liberationists But radical feminist ideology quickly became dominant At the same time, the movement moved away from directly political activity The idea of self help projects – halfway houses, rape crisis centres and so on – inspired many women who wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of helping those poor women out there
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    The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    The Russian word gerb for «emblem» comes from the German word Erbe (legacy) and Polish herb (emblem) It means a distinctive sign composed of different figures and objects, the main significance of which is the expression of the historic traditions of the owner The most ancient emblem prototypes were the totemic images of animals – the protectors of a tribe or a clan in the primeval society
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    The National Parks of Great Britan

    National Parks of Great Britan cover approximately 7% of the country They did not have any special exotic animals or plants, But such areas as Dartmoor, Peak District, Yorkshire, Valley Noth York, the New Forest and Broads every year attract thousends of tourists The peculiarity of the British National parks in that it isn’t “dead" area, And quite close to major urban areas, which allowed any activity aimed at restoration of nature, so most of the National psrks are more like the great urban parks or botanical gardens Many of them - private ownership
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    The native americans

    The original, pre-conquest population of North America is estimated as from 10 to 12 million As many as 280 distinct aboriginal societies existed in North America prior to Columbus They spoke about 450 distinct languages The Indian peoples developed great civilizations, most notably those of the Incas and the Aztecs, and they contributed a great deal to world culture and the welfare of the human race: they domesticated corn, potatoes, peanuts, pepper, tomatoes, pumpkins, pineapples, coca, and other vegetables and fruits; they cultivated tobacco, and made discoveries of at least 59 drugs that
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