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    Advantages and disadvantages of TV

    TV has good and bad sides First of all it keeps people informed, we can learn a lot of information watching TV We can choose programs that appeal to us more, because TV provides programs for all interests Sometimes we can relax, entertain ourselves when we are tired Advertisement on TV gives us information about different products and it makes easier to choose things to buy When we watch TV we learn about the world, famous people and global or recent news
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    Education in England

    In some areas of England there are nursery schools for children under 5 years of age Some children between two and five receive edu­cation in nursery classes or in infants classes in primary schools Many children attend informal pre-school play-groups organised by parents in private homes Nursery schools are staffed with teachers and stu­dents in training There are all kinds of toys to keep the children busy from 9 o'clock in the morning till 4 o'clock in the afternoon while their parents are at work Here the babies play, lunch and sleep They can run about and play in safety with someone keep
  • Тип: Реферат

    History of the USA

    Many peoples have contributed to the development of the United States of America, a vast nation that arose from a scattering of British colonial outposts in the New World The first humans to inhabit the North American continent were migrants from northeast Asia who established settlements in North America as early as 8000 BC and possibly much earlier (see NORTH AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY) By about AD 1500 the native peoples of the areas north of the Rio Grande had developed a variety of different cultures (see INDIANS, AMERICAN) The vast region stretching eastward from the Rocky Mountains to the Atl
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    How to use dictionary

    Dictionaries are tools, and they are much more complicated, and capable of many more uses then we suspect All of us know students need encouragement and guidance in the use of dictionaries Some students are able to use their dictionaries with anything like efficiency Certainly there must be very few of those who come up through the grades these days who are not familiar with the details of looking up words in dictionaries, but it is one thing to find a word in a dictionary and quite another to understand fully information there given about it Linguists and lexicographers have a matter with di
  • Тип: Реферат

    The etymology of english words (Этимология английских слов)

    It is true that English vocabulary, which is one of the most extensive among the world's languages con­tains an immense number of words of foreign origin Explanations for this should be sought in the history of the language which is closely connected with the histo­ry of the nation speaking the language
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    TV and Radio

    I think that TV and Radio are the most powerful means of Mass Media Almost all people watch TV or listen to the radio for several hours Many people watch news There is a large choice of programs on TV And every person can choose programs that he wants to watch People watch TV or listen to the radio to entertain themselves or to learn some information
  • Тип: Реферат

    Історія розвитку усного та писемного мовлення. Кирилиця й Українська абетка

    Наука, що досліджує розвиток мови, складається з ряду історико-лінгвістичних дисциплін (історична граматика, історична фонетика, історична лексикологія, історична діалектологія, історія літературної мови), кожна з яких має свій об’єкт вивчення Однак усі вони підпорядковані спільній мети і як окремі частини складають єдину науку – історію мови
  • Тип: Реферат

    Английский базовый курс для лингвистов, вопросы и билеты

    Fill in the blanks with a preposition if necessary:The flower shop is … the church and the school My sister likes the countryside She often goes … a stroll along the river Has Michael succeeded … banking?
  • Тип: Реферат

    Английский базовый курс для нелингвистов, билеты и ответы

    Translate from English: In most countries criminal and civil procedures are different For example, criminal actions are nearly always started by the state Civil actions, on the other hand, are usually started by individuals
  • Тип: Реферат

    Английский язык, стилистика. Вопросы и билеты

    первого рода и информацией второго рода Приведите примеры Дайте определение лингвостилистики Объясните ее предмет и функции Дайте определение лексической стилистики Укажите ее предмет и методы исследования Приведите примеры Дайте определение грамматической стилистики Укажите ее предмет и методы иссл
  • Тип: Реферат

    Английский, домашнее чтение, 2 часть. Билеты

    ective and a murderer, in Poirot's opinion? Why did Schwartz tell Poirot that the laugh was with him? Билет № 4 Theme 4 "Robin Hood Meets Little John" Where and how did Robin Hood meet Little John? Give a detailed description of Little John Why did Robin Hood decide to change the name of t
  • Тип: Реферат

    Английский, домашнее чтение, билеты

    idas Who was Kind Midas? Describe the circumstances under which he befriended an old man named Silenus Why did Silenus decide to reward Midas? Why did Midas suffer? Зав кафедрой -------------------------------------------------- Экзаменационный билет по предмету ПКОЯз АНГЛ ДОМАШНЕЕ ЧТЕНИЕ Билет № 4
  • Тип: Реферат

    Английский, практика речи. Вопросы и билеты

    Translate from English into Russian: I thought what an interesting case I must be from a medical point of view, what an acquisition I should be to a class! Students would have no need to “walk the hospitals” if they had me I was a hospital in myself
  • Тип: Реферат

    Английский, практическая грамматика, вопросы и билеты

    Use the verbs given in brackets in proper Present Tense (Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect) – You (telephone) for ages! You really (not finished)? – I (not get) through yet I’m trying to get our Paris office
  • Тип: Реферат

    Английский, практическая фонетика, билеты и вопросы

    Разделите слова на группы в зависимости от чтения буквосочетания "ch" а) слова со звуком [tF]б) слова со звуком [k]architect, cherry, chancellor, orchestra, chamber, Christmas, chapel, scholarship
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